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Plebs Season 1

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The Orgy
29 votes
1x01 The Orgy aired Mar 25, 2013

Things end up imprving for the boys after Marcus meets some fit Britons in the courtyard and Stylax discovers a flye... read more

The Gladiator
25 votes
1x02 The Gladiator aired Mar 25, 2013

Cynthia’s new boyfriend Cassius soon proves a rival to Marcus in the quest for Cynthia's affections. Stylax ends up p... read more

The Erotic Vase
27 votes
1x03 The Erotic Vase aired Apr 01, 2013

Stylax purchases Grumio an erotic vase for his birthday featuring a character who looks like somebody nearby. Marcus ... read more

The Herpes Cat
25 votes
1x04 The Herpes Cat aired Apr 08, 2013

In an effort to try and endear himself to Cynthia , Marcus (Tom befriends a mangy cat whom she has rescued from the c... read more

25 votes
1x05 Bananae aired Apr 15, 2013

A massive immigration from Thrace puts the boys into contact with a good looking Thracian lodger called Irina and a y... read more

24 votes
1x06 Saturnalia aired Apr 22, 2013

It’s the festival of Saturnalia and the celebration on the stroke of midnight is the perfect chance for Marcus to hit... read more


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