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Chappelle's Show Season 1

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1x01 Black White Supremacist aired Jan 23, 2003

Popcopy: Chappelle plays the manager in a Popcopy store training tape. The tape shows Popcopy's employees how to behave and essentially piss off the customer... read more

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1x02 Introducing Tyrone Biggums aired Jan 30, 2003

Pretty Whirl Girl: This sketch is about when Dave gets this pretty white girl to sing his thoughts, as he claims that nobody wants to hear himself say them. ... read more

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1x03 Love Those Breasts aired Feb 06, 2003

QVC: Dave shows us exactly how low class the QVC shopping network is. In this parody, the QVC offer a bunch of disgusting products sold by even more disgusti... read more

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1x04 Slavery Reparations aired Feb 13, 2003

Black Reparations: The world is turned upside down when black people finally get reparations for slavery and a black man named Tron becomes the world's riche... read more

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1x05 Great Moments in Hookup History aired Feb 20, 2003

Rocka Pads: Damon Dash, head of Roc-a-fella records, introducing hip-hop tampons Redman Potty Fresh: A commercial for toilet cleaner featuring rapper Redm... read more

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1x06 The Mad Real World aired Feb 27, 2003

The Mad Real World: A white guy named Chad is on The Real World with a bunch of crazy black people. Third World Girls Gone Wild: An infomercial smiliar ... read more

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1x07 Wu-Tang Consulting Firm aired Mar 06, 2003

Great Moments in Hook-up History: A guy named Bobby must deal with a girl's friends before he can hook up with her. Real Movies - The Matrix: A version of... read more

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1x08 The Return of Tyrone Biggums aired Mar 13, 2003

Real Movie Versions: Dave thinks of what the movies Ghost and Half-Backed would be like if they happened in real life. Racist Hollywood Animals: Frontli... read more

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1x09 Blackzilla aired Mar 20, 2003

Dave Stars in His Own Video Game: Dave wonders what life would be like if he was in Grand Theft Auto. Blackzilla: Dave plays Blackzilla, a huge black man ... read more

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1x10 Inner City Gang Wars aired Mar 27, 2003

History Channel: World's Greatest Wars: A Sketch about how the first gangs of New York came about over a guy stepping on another guy's shoe. R. Kelly (Pis... read more

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1x11 Fisticuffs aired Apr 03, 2003

Headphones: New York City DJ Funkmaster Flex introduces a new street rapper to a label, but when he starts recording, all he can say is "turn the headphone... read more

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1x12 Trading Spouses aired Apr 10, 2003

Trading Spouses: A black man named Leonard switches with a white man and must deal with his wife and family. O'Dweed's: Dave shows a commercial for a fami... read more

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1x13 The Best of Chappelle's Show: Volume 1 Mixtape aired Apr 17, 2003

A clip show featuring the best of Dave's sketches.

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1x14 The Best of Chappelle's Show: Volume 2 Mixtape aired Jul 17, 2003

A second clip show featuring the best of Dave's sketches from season 1.


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