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1x01 The Edgsons aired Aug 30, 2011

Brenda Edgson has seven children with the last two ready to leave home. Brenda is a supermom despite having a disability that keeps her in constant pain. The... read more

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1x02 The Hoffers aired Sep 06, 2011

Debby Hoffer has never met a pair of shoes – or a purse – that she did not like. Her passion for material things makes the small townhouse that she shares wi... read more

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1x03 The Welches aired Sep 13, 2011

Bridget and Byron Welch are raising a young family with traditional values. They home-school their three children and have even created a home church. The pr... read more

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1x04 The Sandhus aired Sep 20, 2011

Judy Sandhu is a self-proclaimed "queen of recycling." She accumulates things to be put to better use. According to her family and friends, that is code for ... read more

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1x05 The Fowlers aired Sep 27, 2011

Joan Fowler is a long-suffering working mother surrounded by men. For economic reasons, her three adult sons are still at home with her and her husband Ron. ... read more

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1x06 ​The Schwartzin-Anchels aired Oct 04, 2011

Dana and Tavis are a young couple struggling to raise their two children in a cluttered apartment.Tavis sleeps in his office because their daughter Lola slee... read more

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1x07 ​The Bennett-Criss' aired Oct 11, 2011

Mary Bennett used to live in a much larger house, but for economic reasons has downsized. She now shares her home with her daughter and two grandchildren. As... read more

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1x08 The Karey-Mckennas aired Oct 18, 2011

The Karey-McKenna's are a happy, creative and very theatrical family. Their house is filled with musical instruments, costumes, plays and manuscripts. Both L... read more

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1x09 ​The Thompsons aired Oct 25, 2011

Lila and Brian Thompson fill their home with more stuff than Jill has ever seen before. She challenges them with the biggest warehouse purge of the series an... read more

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1x10 The Clarksons aired Nov 01, 2011

The Clarkson's live in a lovely little heritage home that on the surface seems charming. The two daughters have the upstairs bedrooms which they keep tidy an... read more

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1x11 ​The Nelsons aired Nov 08, 2011

The Nelsons feel permanently trapped by a house that is overwhelmed with clutter that makes it impossible to move within the walls of their own home. Jill Po... read more

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1x12 The Turner-Pinks aired Nov 15, 2011

The Turners and Pinks are a blended family – and each member comes to the table with a lot of baggage, both physically and figuratively. Jill makes them conf... read more

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1x13 The Swedberg-Debys aired Nov 22, 2011

Jennifer and her husband John live in a very small apartment with a storage room. When they originally moved in, it appeared spacious but as their son Avery ... read more


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