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The After

The After

The After is a thriller centered at the moment of the apocalypse that will mix science fiction, suspense, and real-world fear and paranoia.

The X Files creator, Chris Carter, is set to write and direct the project. Georgeville Television is to produce, and its CEO Marc Rosen said that "Chris has woven his mythology magic within a very human, grounded story about the moment when we realize all of our worst fears about the world and its future."

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1x01 Pilot
aired Feb 06, 2014


chachafance (Oct 07, 2014)

"I need help! I'm with the old woman."

"What the **** are you doing?"

"The old woman, she needs help!"

"**** the old woman! Ahhhhh ooouuucchhhh (trips and breaks leg)"

"OMG are you in pain?"

"Yes I'M IN PAIN!!"

My husband and I watched this scene over and over at least 15 times and laughed our butts off each time. It's just hilarious!!

paris1979 (Aug 18, 2014)

The first season will consist of eight episodes and will be released in four two-hour installments in early 2015

scarofsilence (Apr 28, 2014)

First episode looks really good.. Hope the rest of the season will come out soon...

avanish (Mar 22, 2014)

is it worth watching? Haven't watched it yet.

CamilloVip (Feb 25, 2014)

ok, thanks!

CMP (Feb 24, 2014)

@CamilloVip nowhere. It's Amazon, m8. People will decide the future of this show thru a vote.

CamilloVip (Feb 24, 2014)

Where is the next episode?

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  • Status Pilot rejected
  • Premiered Feb 06, 2014
  • Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Country United States
  • Network Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • Runtime 60 minutes
  • Links IMDB


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