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Young & Hungry Season 5

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Young & Punch Card
11 votes
5x01 Young & Punch Card aired Mar 14, 2017

Gabi and Josh try to prove to everyone that they won't let feelings get in the way of their new arrangement as "friends with benefits." Yolanda's attempt to ... read more

Young & Valentine's Day
11 votes
5x02 Young & Valentine's Day aired Mar 21, 2017

Gabi and Josh think their no-strings relationship means they can skip celebrating the day of love. But when they each are convinced the other bought a heartf... read more

Young & Kiki
11 votes
5x03 Young & Kiki aired Mar 28, 2017

Gabi and Josh's efforts to dog-sit a lifestyle guru's pampered pooch go awry; Elliot attempts to deceive Sofia and Yolanda after his plans to procure VIP con... read more

Young & Josh's Dad
11 votes
5x04 Young & Josh's Dad aired Apr 04, 2017

Josh's father Matt contacts his son for the first time asking to meet. When Josh refuses, assuming his father is only after his money, Gabi takes matters int... read more

Young & Softball
11 votes
5x05 Young & Softball aired Apr 11, 2017

Josh tries to bond with his dad Matt, but they have trouble finding common ground. When Matt decides to head out of town again, Gabi intervenes and brings Ma... read more

Young & Couchy
11 votes
5x06 Young & Couchy aired Apr 25, 2017

Sofia is thrilled when her boss gives her a used couch thinking it means she's on her way to a promotion. But Gabi hates the couch and sells it behind Sofia'... read more

Young & Bridesmaids
11 votes
5x07 Young & Bridesmaids aired May 02, 2017

Gabi and Sofia are annoyed when they hear that high school frenemy Lizette is throwing a lavish destination wedding, with all expenses paid, for the wedding ... read more

Young & Vegas Baby
11 votes
5x08 Young & Vegas Baby aired May 09, 2017

Gabi is feeling down about her birthday, even after she discovers she and Ms. Wilson share their special day. When Gabi learns Ms. Wilson made a promise to m... read more

Young & Hold
11 votes
5x09 Young & Hold aired May 16, 2017

Gabi and Josh's friends-with-benefits relationship is jeopardized when one of them meets someone else. Elliot battles with a squirrel he discovers in Josh's ... read more

Young & Amnesia
12 votes
5x10 Young & Amnesia aired May 23, 2017

Gabi is horrified when Josh doesn't remember her after a bump on the head, especially since he seems to remember everyone else - and he was about to tell her... read more

Young & Downton Gabi
awaiting 10 votes
5x11 Young & Downton Gabi aired Jun 21, 2018

Gabi and Josh delight in their new status as an official couple, but – drawing parallels to 'Downton Abbey' – Elliot and Yolanda are worried about how their ... read more

Young & Third Wheel
awaiting 10 votes
5x12 Young & Third Wheel aired Jun 21, 2018

Josh decides to set Sofia up with someone, in hopes she'll be less of a third wheel in his and Gabi's relationship. When Sofia hits it off with Josh's dentis... read more

Young & Communication
awaiting 10 votes
5x13 Young & Communication aired Jun 28, 2018

Needing some "me" time, Josh fakes joining a swim club to get some space from Gabi and not hurt her feelings. When Gabi learns about Josh's ruse, she concoct... read more

Young & Handsy
awaiting 10 votes
5x14 Young & Handsy aired Jun 28, 2018

Gabi panics that her relationship with Josh is over when it seems that the spark has died - and that Josh may be getting his needs met elsewhere. Elliot and ... read more

Young & Mexico, Part 1
awaiting 10 votes
5x15 Young & Mexico, Part 1 aired Jul 12, 2018

When Gabi forgets Sofia's birthday, she plans a last minute girl's weekend to Mexico, leaving Josh behind while he undergoes Lasik eye surgery.

Young & Mexico, Part 2
awaiting 10 votes
5x16 Young & Mexico, Part 2 aired Jul 12, 2018

Gabi tries to smuggle Sofia's new beau out of Mexico and gets caught.

Young & Motorcycle
awaiting 10 votes
5x17 Young & Motorcycle aired Jul 19, 2018

Gabi and Josh butt heads when Gabi is gifted a motorcycle and Josh won't allow her to ride it.

Young & Bullseye
awaiting 10 votes
5x18 Young & Bullseye aired Jul 19, 2018

Gabi and Sofia now have boyfriends and everything is perfect, until they realize their boyfriends are always trying to one up each other.

Young & Magic
awaiting 10 votes
5x19 Young & Magic aired Jul 26, 2018

Josh decides to finally reveal a deep secret to Gabi – he’s a magician. Sofia is terrified to introduce her stern grandmother to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Yo... read more

Young & Yacht'in
awaiting 10 votes
5x20 Young & Yacht'in aired Jul 26, 2018

In the series finale, Josh takes the gang for a getaway on his new yacht, where Gabi hits it off with the yacht’s chef. Meanwhile, Sofia has a terrible misun... read more


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