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Flesh And Bone

Flesh And Bone

“Flesh and Bone” follows a young ballet dancer, Claire, who has a distinctly troubled past, as she joins a prestigious ballet company in New York. The dark, gritty, complex series unflinchingly explores the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world and New York’s inherent drama. Claire is emotionally wounded, sexually damaged, and possesses self-destructive tendencies amid her vaulting ambitions. She is a transcendent ballerina, but her inner torment and aspirations drive her in compelling, unforeseeable ways, especially when confronted with the machinations of the company’s mercurial Artistic Director, and an unwelcome visitor from her past.

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aired Nov 08, 2015


Baltimore (Nov 10, 2015)

@songforsomeone YEEES, I am soo soo excited that I am not the only one feeling this way. I totally giggled as well when I saw Alex. And me too, dance-stuff is always great, but this definitely blew it out of the park. :)

songforsomeone (Nov 09, 2015)

@Baltimore Ahhh, I screamed a little when I saw Alex, didn't knew he was going to be on it. I'm so excited as well. I love everything dance related and the fact that this has REAL dancers makes me appreciate it even more. The photography was simply stunning and you could feel the emotion they felt when their bodies were moving. And it's so dark and kind of creepy, I'm so intrigued by everything. I really loved the pilot.

Baltimore (Nov 09, 2015)

@Lenon Yes, wasn't it? I am so excited for the second episode, caaaan't wait!!!

Lenon (Nov 09, 2015)

@Baltimore it was such an amazing pilot and there was so much yelling here when i recognized alex wong lol

Baltimore (Nov 08, 2015)

The pilot was already amazing! I am so thrilled with this show, I can't even say. Also ... there is Alex from SYTYCD in it. Well, he doesn't have a big role, I guess. But I've seen him clearly. :)))) LOVE IT!

mirunaakamiru (Nov 06, 2015)


Baltimore (May 02, 2015)


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  • Status Ended
  • Premiered Nov 08, 2015
  • Genre Dance, Drama, Mini-Series
  • Country United States
  • Network Starz
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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