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The Whispers

The Whispers

Aliens have invaded Earth by using our most unlikely resource to achieve world domination—our children. As the kids unwittingly help these unseen enemies, the clock counts down in this suspenseful race to save humanity.

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aired Jun 02, 2015


ForgotMyLines (May 31, 2016)

Gutted it was cancelled! How many Seasons did "Under The Dome" get?!? That never reached the interest of this Season!

papi (Oct 22, 2015)

@martaaagf yep just yesterday

martaaagf (Oct 21, 2015)

@papi was it really cancelled??

papi (Oct 20, 2015)


ForgotMyLines (Sep 01, 2015)

Season 1 finished. Really good. Concept was great, acting was good, even from the kids. I looked forward to seeing what the next episode brings. Recommend.

kankyuuhin (Aug 09, 2015)

So much potential. I sure hope ABC doesn't mess this up. It could be really good.

PanosK (Jul 23, 2015)

after episode 7-8 I am getting really bored. I don't think it's going to be renewed so I will stop watching... It has jumped the shark... already!

ForgotMyLines (Jul 08, 2015)

4 episodes in, I'm really enjoying this show. Usually this kind of thing passes me by, but I think it's a nice idea, being developed well. Only thing with these type of shows is how to you get to a conclusion without it being either overly ridiculous, or too predictable/cliche.

Mantrhax (Jun 29, 2015)

Nah 3/10 i tried to watch the first 3 episodes...but its too dumb...
why the name of it is Drill for all children?
to make it easier to find out which is the same force hypnotizing them all?
it was supposed to be a super intelligent alien he would have thought to use several names .....

Baltimore (Jun 09, 2015)

Not that bad, but also not my kind of show

FEER5698 (Jun 09, 2015)

5.5/10 for the pilot, if it would have been a great start i would have kept watching, but not going to risk it since its on abc and they seem to cancel everything anyways that didnt reach the big audience because thats their business model. the main cast is also lacking personality.

will bench watch it however if it concludes to something someday, which i dont think will happen because the pilot arc wasnt well written and the main story was already kinda placed in the background, which is never a good sign.

onlime (Jun 03, 2015)

Pilot was OK and promising. But I'm afraid they will mess it up and it will turn out to be disappointing with a stupid resolution, just like about every damn show with a big mystery element ever did.

DonGari (Jun 03, 2015)

I barely made myself to watch this, and I am really glad I did. Pilot was great, and really interesting in my opinion, and hope show stays good and keeps good pace.

nutman (May 31, 2015)

I like the premise, but it's almost certain to be bad since it's on ABC.

CosmicBeing (May 30, 2015)

My anticipation is high, I think the concept is brilliant. I've watched a few horror movies with evil children and it freaked me out; technologically superior telepathic aliens mind controlling children in an effort to dominate the human race :O

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  • Status On the bubble
  • Premiered Jun 01, 2015
  • Genre Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Science-Fiction
  • Country United States
  • Network ABC
  • Runtime 60 minutes
  • Links IMDb, TheTVDB


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