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Other Space Season 1

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Into the Great Beyond...Beyond
19 votes
1x01 Into the Great Beyond...Beyond aired Apr 14, 2015

Young Stewart Lipinski is made captain of an exploratory space mission into space...his older sister Karen is made hi... read more

Getting to Know You
13 votes
1x02 Getting to Know You aired Apr 14, 2015

In an attempt to raise the morale of his frightened and fudge-riddled crew, Stewart initiates a bonding session that ... read more

13 votes
1x03 The Death of A.R.T. aired Apr 14, 2015

A.R.T. accidentally damages the ship while showing off his magnetic capabilities... when an angry Karen sends him out... read more

14 votes
1x04 Ted Talks aired Apr 14, 2015

Tina gets a message from her boyfriend on earth, who dumps her. Tina, the only person qualified to perform an essenti... read more

14 votes
1x05 Trouble's Brew-ing aired Apr 14, 2015

Michael and Tina are sent down to the planet for a six-hour fuel retrieval mission – upon arrival, they realize that ... read more

14 votes
1x06 Power-less aired Apr 14, 2015

When the ship is struck by lightning, the crew must conserve power to avoid being destroyed. Stewart and Zalian take ... read more

14 votes
1x07 First Contact aired Apr 14, 2015

An alien appears in Stewart’s dreams, but only seems to communicate if Stewart’s dreams are erotic in nature. Stewart... read more

14 votes
1x08 Finale aired Apr 14, 2015

The crew makes contact with an alien at long last, but this historic moment is cut short when they realize they have ... read more


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