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Blood & Oil Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Sep 28, 2015

Billy and Cody arrive in Rock Springs intent on starting their own business, but when Billy bets big, Cody questions his intentions and their marriage.

The Ripple Effect
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1x02 The Ripple Effect aired Oct 05, 2015

Wick scrambles to hide his involvement in the robbery. The arrival of Hap's daughter Lacey stokes a rivalry with Carla. Billy agrees to another deal with Hap... read more

Hustle and Flow
awaiting 10 votes
1x03 Hustle and Flow aired Oct 12, 2015

Hap, who no longer suspects Wick of involvement in the oil heist, extends an olive branch to his son via a new venture, but tensions boil over when Billy tri... read more

The Birthday Party
awaiting 10 votes
1x04 The Birthday Party aired Oct 19, 2015

Broke and still reeling from being conned by Hap, Billy seeks revenge and turns to an unlikely ally, Clifton Lundegren, hoping to appeal to his mutual disgus... read more

Rocks and Hard Places
awaiting 10 votes
1x05 Rocks and Hard Places aired Oct 26, 2015

Wick’s shortcomings are magnified when his sister, and potential rival, Lacey officially joins the family business. Meanwhile, Billy attempts to blackmail Ha... read more

awaiting 10 votes
1x06 Convergence aired Nov 02, 2015

The brutal attack on Cody unites friends and enemies alike, as Hap takes the opportunity to try to pull a rival into the fold. A vengeful Billy is determined... read more

Fight or Flight
awaiting 10 votes
1x07 Fight or Flight aired Nov 09, 2015

After leaving Gary for dead, Wick and Billy form an unlikely alliance. Meanwhile, Hap becomes the target of Federal agents, who approach Wick to help them bu... read more

Rats, Bugs and Moles
awaiting 10 votes
1x08 Rats, Bugs and Moles aired Nov 30, 2015

Briggs Oil is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, and the party must go on, even in the wake of the intensified federal investigation into Hap's business deali... read more

The Art of the Deal
awaiting 10 votes
1x09 The Art of the Deal aired Dec 07, 2015

With Carla behind bars after taking the fall for the stolen report, Hap is more determined than ever to find the mole at Briggs Oil who put her there. But fi... read more

awaiting 10 votes
1x10 Departures aired Dec 14, 2015

Christmas is a time for coming together, but for the Lefevers, it’s a time of difficult choices. Billy faces an ultimatum to either save his marriage by leav... read more


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