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Jordskott Season 1

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Part I
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1x01 Part I aired Feb 16, 2015

Several years have passed since the police commissioner Eva Thörnblad's daughter Josefine disappeared at the forest lake in Silver Heights. It was considered... read more

Part II
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1x02 Part II aired Feb 23, 2015

Eva is convinced that a recently discovered, severely ill girl is her daughter Josefine. Where has she been all these years? Eva continues to search for answ... read more

Part III
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1x03 Part III aired Mar 02, 2015

Josefine has disappeared from the hospital and Eva joins the local police force in the search. Her colleague, Tom, suspects Eva of involvement, but the suspi... read more

Part IV
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1x04 Part IV aired Mar 09, 2015

Someone has broken into Eva's apartment and left a bottle with unknown contents on the kitchen table. Eva realizes that the dark fluid is what Josefine needs... read more

Part V
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1x05 Part V aired Mar 16, 2015

Eva is faced with a fateful choice when she should be taking care of Josefine. Göran loudly proclaims truths better left in the shadows.

Part VI
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1x06 Part VI aired Mar 23, 2015

Eva decides to set a trap for the creature from the woods, but the plan goes horribly wrong. In despair, she tells Göran what she has done. At the same time,... read more

Part VII
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1x07 Part VII aired Mar 30, 2015

Tom is in bad shape after the assault at the jail but wants to find Esmeralda at all costs.

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1x08 Part VIII aired Apr 06, 2015

Eva struggles to master the parasite she swallowed. She has a plan for how she can rescue the missing children and goes to battle with her father's company. ... read more

Part IX
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1x09 Part IX aired Apr 13, 2015

Eva understands more about what happened to her father. Meanwhile, new explosions in the forest bring the creature's anger. The panic spreads and the police ... read more

Part X
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1x10 Part X aired Apr 20, 2015

Eva has been forced to leave Silver Heights to save Josefine, but she returns to save the lost children. When Eva makes a miscalculation, the children's live... read more


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