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Alone Season 1

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1x01 And So It Begins aired Jun 18, 2015

Ten survival experts are dropped off in separate and extremely remote locations on Northern Vancouver Island. Equipped with only limited gear, their years of... read more

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1x02 Of Wolf and Man aired Jun 25, 2015

While predators continue to cause problems for a number of the men, water soon becomes a crucial hurdle for others. From fast rising tides to relentless rain... read more

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1x03 The Talons of Fear aired Jul 02, 2015

After only a short time in the wild, the men find that extreme isolation is beginning to take its toll. A survivalist undertakes a massive cabin project, one... read more

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1x04 Stalked aired Jul 09, 2015

As the days pass, the remaining survivalists show signs of cracking. One man battles isolation as another breaks down after missing his daughters 4th birthda... read more

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1x05 Winds Of Hell aired Jul 16, 2015

A punishing storm batters the remaining men and gale force winds rip through their makeshift camps. One survivalist pushes his bush-craft skills to limit try... read more

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1x06 Rain of Terror aired Jul 23, 2015

The remaining participants are finally adapting to the unforgiving environment but the search for food leads them into harm’s way. One man is forced to aband... read more

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1x07 The Hunger aired Jul 30, 2015

In the brutally freezing temperatures the hunt for food becomes the paramount focus of the remaining survivalists. While some find gratifying success; others... read more

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1x08 After the Rescue aired Aug 05, 2015

The first six men to go home explain the reasons they left, plus an exclusive preview of the what's to come for the remaining participants.

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1x09 The Freeze aired Aug 06, 2015

Temperatures plummet on the island and the remaining contestants are forced to face the onset of winter head on. One man risks it all with a risky move while... read more

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1x10 Brokedown Palace aired Aug 13, 2015

The contestants have to deal with extreme isolation in the wild, where they face psychological battles as well as the elements.

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1x11 Triumph aired Aug 20, 2015

Just two men remain on Vancouver Island as a vicious storm approaches, leaving them having to contend with the elements and starvation.


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