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Based on novels by author Jeff Lindsay, Dexter follows the life of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a charismatic blood spatter analyst who works in the forensics at the Miami Metro Police Department. On the outside, Dexter seems like the perfect guy -- he has a sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), that adores him and a steady girlfriend, Rita (Julie Benz), with two kids that look up to him. However, what they don't know is that Dexter moonlights as a serial killer, only he isn't your typical killer. Basing his life on the teachings of his foster father, Dexter only kills people who truly deserve it: he ensures that those who got away with horrible crimes will never kill again.

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1x01 Dexter
aired Oct 02, 2006


Webjoker (Sep 24, 2013)

What a complete joke!

Lokatius (Sep 24, 2013)

What a huge load of bullshit that ending was. It was a really great show for the first 4 seasons and Hall did his job very well, after that it wasn't bad, but it just wasn't Dexter anymore. But the ending? Seriously? Can't imagine how someone would write this...I'm trying to imagine the writers and can't wrap my head around how someone would say "Yeah, thats the ending we're going to make"

SeiTaN (Sep 23, 2013)

I just unloved this show, It was so good and it fell apart in the last seasons :(

furbul (Sep 23, 2013)

come on! this show doesn't deserve 4.5. never did imo, but especially now.

MarinaB (Sep 23, 2013)

Worst series finale ever, man. This show is such a disappointment.

az25 (Aug 05, 2013)

@kript0x I would agree. But the hype is all a result of the Trinity Killer season, which is most definitely NOT overrated. The show deserves all of the hype it received for that year, but to expect they'd reach that level of excellence again is a stretch. Then again, they could've done so much better than what they did do after that year. Hindsight is 20-20, but after a few years, I would've been totally fine had they ended this series with SHOW SPOILER . But of course, money talks, and it's as simple as that. Showtime needs to hang onto their name brands longer, they're always behind HBO in acquiring the best projects.

Mod edit: Please use spoiler tags on a show's main page.

Lange (Aug 05, 2013)

This is a blueprint on ''how to fuck up something good by going on to goddamn LONG''

kript0x (Jul 22, 2013)


maplewhite1912 (Jun 30, 2013)

So excited! Dexter is going to end with him in the car, driving around Miami at night? And the finale line, of course "tonight is the night". Because, you know, SYMBOLISM. Hope Hannah is the endgame, too! I'm joking all around here. No spoilers intended. It will be hard to say goodbye to one of my fave guilty pleasures ever. Love you, my brave Morgan.

RaisedbyTV (May 31, 2013)
RaisedbyTV (May 31, 2013)

This is easily my favorite show!!

Season 8 made a strong comeback, and had a real good punch you int the teeth ending!

My favorite season so far is #4, that ending had my jaw locked is shock-horror for hours!!

What do you guys think?

Lemon (Mar 07, 2013)

@oranges Thanks for reporting

oranges (Mar 06, 2013)

@lemon @vezlo I just noticed this comment. 100% spam account. It's surprising he only went for one. The middle section of fluent english is from an old comment of cole.

area722 (Jan 14, 2013)

The ending was stunning. The wait is murder. But you don’t have to wait until the fall, because Dexter returns this summer. New season premieres Sunday, June 30th at 9PM ET/PT, followed by the series premiere of Ray Donovan. Only on Showtime Networks. - Copy from the facebook page

Enzo915 (Jan 13, 2013)
BertDenolf (Dec 30, 2012)

Never been able to empathise so much with a persona like Dexter. Very intense.

Vapura (Dec 17, 2012)

"Executive producer Sara Colleton confirmed that Season 8 will be the show's last season, and that they already know how the show is going to end."

According to wikipedia.

tomreunes (Dec 13, 2012)

@nielstaildeman There will certainly be an 8th season, which will probably be the final of this series

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  • Premiered Oct 01, 2006
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