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Based on novels by author Jeff Lindsay, Dexter follows the life of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a charismatic blood spatter analyst who works in the forensics at the Miami Metro Police Department. On the outside, Dexter seems like the perfect guy -- he has a sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), that adores him and a steady girlfriend, Rita (Julie Benz), with two kids that look up to him. However, what they don't know is that Dexter moonlights as a serial killer, only he isn't your typical killer. Basing his life on the teachings of his foster father, Dexter only kills people who truly deserve it: he ensures that those who got away with horrible crimes will never kill again.

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1x01 Dexter
aired Oct 02, 2006


nielstaildeman (Dec 13, 2012)

@BlackDynamite I don't know for sure, but i think season 8 will be the final season.

BlackDynamite (Dec 11, 2012)

season 6 was a little weak in my opinion, but season 7 is definitely better! is this the last season?

MaddoX (Nov 16, 2012)

@zvucnjak +1 :D

zvucnjak (Nov 16, 2012)

There should be a 6 star rating just for this show.

Quetzalma (Sep 30, 2012)

cant wait!!

CherryUp (Sep 30, 2012)

less then a day now!

isadora (Sep 24, 2012)

Great show!

HarleyQuinn (Mar 30, 2012)

I've just finished season 6 and i can't wait for the seventh!!! September?? Too long!!!! I'll go through a tough period of abstinence!!! xDD At least I have the books... It's something... (but not the same xD)

Retriev3r (Mar 13, 2012)

"Dexter" Season 7 premieres on Sun., Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. EST.

goessaertN (Mar 12, 2012)

New season starts September 30th at 9PM ET/PT only on Showtime Networks!

jmef (Dec 28, 2011)

last scene of season 6 show us that season 7 could be very interesting. Maybe they won't focus on the serial killer of every season.

Kitkatattack (Dec 20, 2011)

You're all joking right? The ending was so very disappointing and predictable.I love me some Dexter but this season's finale was horrifically predictable and not so climatic...The writers did a half assed job for sure.

MrZNF (Dec 20, 2011)


My mouth literally fell open after watching the ending. There was the shadow and I was like HEEEEEELLL NO! And then yes, my mouth. STILL OPEN. What a twist.
I kinda felt it coming after the scene before, but I didn't want to believe it =(

This is going to become a very exciting new season, can't wait for it ^^

Reverz (Dec 19, 2011)

Why is a season only 12 episodes long? Waiting for September is gonna feel like an eternity =[

StevieG (Dec 19, 2011)

@ColeFrost Thanks for the info. Great to know we still got 2 seasons left!

ColeFrost (Dec 19, 2011)

I just read an interesting interview with the Dexter boss, it explains the finale and what they are doing to look ahead. Not all the answers are there, but it is interesting and also he talks a little bit about the season as a whole. It contains spoilers, so be warned.

You can read it here.

adeprol (Dec 19, 2011)

epic ending, made me forget about the "less quality" season ;)

colorblind90 (Dec 19, 2011)

Well I remember the intern saying: "You just made me realize that I have spent my whole life on the sidelines, playing make-believe games and now I want to get out there and make my life count for something." - and don't forget that he was making vide games about what...? Serial killers! That's right! :)

Donny (Dec 19, 2011)

Wow! What an ending! Can't wait for season 7! :)

warna (Dec 19, 2011)

Naah, I don't think so. I hated this season in overall, but I must say it sparked an interest for the next one. What's with the hand? I want answers!

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