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Based on novels by author Jeff Lindsay, Dexter follows the life of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a charismatic blood spatter analyst who works in the forensics at the Miami Metro Police Department. On the outside, Dexter seems like the perfect guy -- he has a sister, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), that adores him and a steady girlfriend, Rita (Julie Benz), with two kids that look up to him. However, what they don't know is that Dexter moonlights as a serial killer, only he isn't your typical killer. Basing his life on the teachings of his foster father, Dexter only kills people who truly deserve it: he ensures that those who got away with horrible crimes will never kill again.

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1x01 Dexter
aired Oct 02, 2006


X5J (Dec 06, 2010)

Check Google News for Dexter, there are a load of articles, here's one:

PFXX (Dec 06, 2010)

source Tazz?

Tazz (Dec 03, 2010)

Dexter has been renewed for a sixt season, and possibly a sevent season :)

warna (Dec 01, 2010)

Can't wait for the final two episodes.

curve (Nov 30, 2010)

Season 5 is so f sick!

scatterbrain (Nov 29, 2010)

Just started watching the show again! And I'm not going to continue where I ended but I will watch season 4 all over again!

PFXX (Nov 29, 2010)

only 2 left pffff :(

Freekje (Nov 23, 2010)

Last episode was truely sick! :D

Cokeman (Nov 22, 2010)

Season 5 is amazing! Last ep (09) was great again

curve (Nov 08, 2010)

not true

kakature (Nov 06, 2010)

Season 5 is pretty boring so far imo.

curve (Oct 19, 2010)

season 5 rocks

Foirzie (Sep 07, 2010)

Rita does annoy me a lot in this new season, makes me care less about the trailer of the fifth :O.

Bontus (Sep 06, 2010)

1x10 Seeing Red.
Beste episode van alle reeksen ever imo.

Foirzie (Sep 02, 2010)

Just finished season 3, now starting on season 4. Looking forward to this, i stopped halfway trough S3 last year.

curve (Aug 27, 2010)

last season owns

Lemon (Aug 26, 2010)

@josbeir you should definitely start watching dexter again, this show is genius!

kakature (Feb 10, 2010)

Hmm, I think the 4th season is the best so go watch it!

josbeir (Feb 05, 2010)

yeah.. i have the same problem with the last season.. but it lost my intrest somehow.

Lemon (Feb 05, 2010)

43 unwatched episodes :s. I should start watching this again i guess :p

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  • Premiered Oct 01, 2006
  • Genre Crime, Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller
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