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Vikingane Season 1

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1x01 The Homecoming aired Oct 21, 2016

Premiere! Viking is an epic and humorous drama series set in the Viking Age. The year is 790 and we follow the everyday life of the Vikings in the village No... read more

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1x02 The Escape aired Oct 28, 2016

Rufus from Rome is struggling to present himself in his new role as slave and do not thrive with his life situation in Norheim. The positive Kark is institut... read more

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1x03 The Funeral aired Nov 04, 2016

Chief Olav is badly hurt and seeks advice of the shaman. The power struggle is heating up in Norheim and the feckless brother Orm sees an opportunity to lead... read more

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1x04 The Raid aired Nov 11, 2016

The Vikings are going out on a raid to find metal to the new art project in Norheim. The slave Rufus will be responsible for the village while they're gone a... read more

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1x05 The Siege aired Nov 18, 2016

The Vikings return from the mission in the west, while Rufus wake covered in feathers and tar. It is ready for the unveiling of the art project in Norheim an... read more

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1x06 The Duel aired Nov 25, 2016

Earl Varg is on revenge and storms Norheim. A fate match will decide who keeps the village, if there can be peace in Norheim, and who are left on the chief t... read more


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