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Cassandra French's Finishing School Season 1

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1x01 Breaking Ground aired Feb 17, 2017

Cassie is reeling from her recent breakup when a traumatic one-night-stand sends her spiraling over the edge. Aided by her best friend Claire, they decide to... read more

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1x02 First Days aired Feb 24, 2017

Cassandra's new finishing school is off to a bumpy start as Owen's friends begin to wonder where he is. Claire and Cassie have no choice but to attempt a B&E... read more

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1x03 Passing Notes aired Mar 03, 2017

The pressure on Cassandra mounts as she attempts to juggle an uncooperative Owen, faking his social media accounts, her new heartthrob PR client from across ... read more

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1x04 Pop Quiz aired Mar 10, 2017

The tables are turned on Cassandra when Owen traps her in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, revealing that he's not the only one who needs to learn a thing ... read more

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1x05 Field Trip aired Mar 17, 2017

Cassandra's secret is revealed when her friend Lexi discovers Owen in their basement. Cassie struggles to keep the secret under wraps as the relationship wit... read more

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1x06 Health and Fitness aired Mar 24, 2017

Claire and Lexi teach Owen a tough lesson about unrealistic beauty standards when they turn the tables on the male gaze. Cassie is forced to play third wheel... read more

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1x07 Finals Week aired Mar 31, 2017

Owen's tenacious ex Audrey blows into town in order to find him, forcing Cassie, Claire, and Lexi to play babysitter while everything else spirals out of con... read more

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1x08 Homecoming aired Apr 07, 2017

The girls' carefully constructed plan begins to unravel as they're forced to take Owen on a supervised field trip to chill out Audrey, throwing everything th... read more


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