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La Casa de las Flores Season 1

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1x01 NARCISSUS (symb. lies) aired Aug 10, 2018

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1x02 CHRYSANTHEMUM (symb. pain) aired Aug 10, 2018

Virginia reads Roberta's letter. Paulina struggles to hide the funeral from her mother and siblings. Ernesto breaks t... read more

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1x03 LILY (symb. freedom) aired Aug 10, 2018

Roberta's actions inspire Julián to share his own news, but mother Virginia is not prepared to listen to what he has ... read more

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1x04 PETUNIA (symb. resentment) aired Aug 10, 2018

Delia reveals a new family secret to Elena. Chance encounters give Virginia and her son creative ideas on how to solv... read more

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1x05 DAHLIA (symb. gratitude) aired Aug 10, 2018

Elena seeks Claudio's help with a tricky floral order for a VIP client's bar mitzvah, but Paulina sabotages their eff... read more

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1x06 MAGNOLIA (symb. dignity) aired Aug 10, 2018

Paulina sees her ex for the first time in years. Tensions arise between the strippers and the drag queens. Elena make... read more

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1x07 PEONY (symb. shame) aired Aug 10, 2018

To get what she ultimately wants, Lucía holds something over Julián's head. Paulina visits Dr. Cohen to ask an import... read more

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1x08 BROMELIA (symb. resilience) aired Aug 10, 2018

Ernesto gives Virginia a stirring pep talk about motherhood and revenge. Julián grapples with the consequences of his... read more

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1x09 TULIP (symb. hope) aired Aug 10, 2018

A rival florist family makes the de la Moras a generous offer. Elena finds a way to keep Carmela quiet. Paulina confr... read more

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1x10 TUSSILAGO (symb. worries) aired Aug 10, 2018

Virginia's side business gets her in trouble with a competitor, and when Bruno and Micaela go missing shortly afterwa... read more

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1x11 ORCHID (symb. lust) aired Aug 10, 2018

Dominique surprises Elena in more ways than one. María José tells Bruno about her Madrid plans. Diego finds an item t... read more

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1x12 SISYMBRIUM (symb. adversity) aired Aug 10, 2018

After her plan to get Ernesto out of prison hits a snag, Paulina sees Dr. Cohen about her need to fix everyone's prob... read more

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1x13 POPPY (symb. resurrection) aired Aug 10, 2018

The family finally celebrates the flower shop's 50th anniversary. At the event, Virginia publicly announces who will ... read more


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