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The Witcher

The Witcher

The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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aired Dec 20, 2019


polygonfiction (Feb 09, 2020)

I regret glancing at these comments (without even scrolling down) when I came on here to start marking episodes watched. I'm gonna start waiting til I finish whole seasons now.

Roberta (Jan 10, 2020)

I enjoyed it. I knew about the time jumping before watching, so I can't tell if I would've been able to follow otherwise.

BertDenolf (Jan 09, 2020)

Not a bad show but overrated.

Woutah (Jan 02, 2020)

@Foaman "Idiots", but can't follow an eight episode story without getting lost.

Suddenly there's another woman sitting next to Calanthe, knowing Ciri is her granddaughter, but doesn't make the connection it could be her actual daughter and we are some years in the past. Maybe your brain has gone soft watching those mindless TV shows.

Foaman (Jan 01, 2020)

@SalvaSpike Knowing that its split into three timelines is NOT a spoiler nor a surprise, apparently it was obvious from the very.beginning; However, the idiots who structured the show this way just assumed everyone including people who are completely new to the series would get it right away (Which was near impossible considering the fact that SHOW SPOILER and they didn't put a single caption detailing time/date whenever time jumped back and fourth between characters, which would have easily cleared the confusion..In reality, the majority of the people who actually got it were fans of the games/books because they already knew the timeline of each character.

you can read this article about the split (contains minor spoilers, read if you've already watched the show)

SalvaSpike (Jan 01, 2020)

@Foaman that's an spoiler. You discover that in the fourth episode and it's one of the surprises of the series

Foaman (Dec 31, 2019)

Something the people who are new to the witcher world need to know before watching (This isn't a spoiler in any way).
The story in the show is being told in a split way, a part that's happening in their past and the other part is happening in their present. The problem is, there's no indication whatsoever of what is happening when, not even a simple annotation between events.
The split only becomes obvious around ep5/6, which totally ruined the experience for me and several other viewers new to the story due to this schizophrenic way of storytelling with no hint that it was being told in that way.
Now that you know about the story split beforehand, you're going to enjoy watching the show from start to finish because you won't spend 5/6 episodes confused as fk like some of us did. You're welcome.

Lenyka (Dec 29, 2019)

Looking forward to season 2!

rafinha (Dec 22, 2019)

Very Nice show! Looking foward To season 2

rodsmicro (Oct 18, 2019)

looks awesome

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