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Midnight Mass Season 1

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Book I: Genesis
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1x01 Book I: Genesis aired Sep 24, 2021

Riley Flynn returns home to family dysfunction, familiar faces and a new priest at St. Patrick's. Elsewhere on the island, a dark storm is brewing.

Book II: Psalms
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1x02 Book II: Psalms aired Sep 24, 2021

An unsettling omen washes ashore in the wake of the storm. Later, when the locals gather for a potluck, tragedy strikes — and a miracle occurs.

Book III: Proverbs
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1x03 Book III: Proverbs aired Sep 24, 2021

Miraculous times leave residents stunned as Leeza pays Joe an important visit. A shocking confession reveals what really happened to Monsignor Pruitt.

Book IV: Lamentations
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1x04 Book IV: Lamentations aired Sep 24, 2021

Erin turns to Riley after receiving upsetting news. Father Paul starts experiencing disturbing side effects. Bev makes a startling discovery.

Book V: Gospel
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1x05 Book V: Gospel aired Sep 24, 2021

Sheriff Shabazz fields multiple missing persons reports as the town prepares to gather for Good Friday. To protect Erin, Riley brings the truth to light.

Book VI: Acts of the Apostles
10 votes
1x06 Book VI: Acts of the Apostles aired Sep 24, 2021

A fervent Bev calls for faith on the night of Easter vigil. Sarah reveals the results of a troubling experiment — along with a sobering hypothesis.

Book VII: Revelation
awaiting 10 votes
1x07 Book VII: Revelation aired Sep 24, 2021

Night falls on Crockett Island as a tight-knit group of rebels take refuge where they can and forge a plan to control the chaos.


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