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An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts Season 1

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1x01 Aries aired Oct 27, 2021

When her ex gets engaged to another woman, Alice is devastated. Then she meets Tio, a passionate astrologer, and begins looking for love in a new way.

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1x02 Taurus aired Oct 27, 2021

Against the guidance of Tio, Alice goes on a date with an Aries. Later, she crosses paths with a Taurus and takes an enchanting ride through the city.

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1x03 Gemini aired Oct 27, 2021

Alice's fascination with astrology leads to a long-overdue career opportunity. Sparks fly when Alice meets a seductive Gemini on set.

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1x04 Cancer aired Oct 27, 2021

A passionate fling leaves Alice unsatisfied and she has a falling out with Tio. The runaway success of Alice's show comes with lots of complications.

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1x05 Leo aired Oct 27, 2021

While nursing Alice back to health, Tio and Paola compare notes on her love life. Alice has chemistry with a colleague and inquires about his star sign.

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1x06 Virgo aired Oct 27, 2021

On the eve of a big show, Alice navigates strong feelings for two men and consoles Cristina. But will she find love in the stars, or more heartache?

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