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Action Season 1

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1x01 Pilot aired Sep 17, 1999

When his movie ""Slow Torture"" fails at the box office, everyone kisses his ass and tells him it was great, except for a prostitute named Wendy who got stuc... read more

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1x02 Re-Enter the Dragon aired Sep 17, 1999

Peter hires Wendy as the vice president of production. When her pimp gets word of this he goes to see Peter to talk things over, so Peter hires him as the co... read more

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1x03 Blood Money aired Sep 24, 1999

Peter has to get funding for ""Beverly Hills Gun Club"". His ex-wife tells him she's pregnant with his child but she won't tell him that Peter is his father.... read more

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1x04 Blowhard aired Oct 01, 1999

Peter hires Cole Ricardi for the lead role in ""Beverly Hills Gun Club"" but then Cole confides in Peter by telling him he's gay. He wants to everyone but Pe... read more

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1x05 Mr. Dragon Goes to Washington aired Oct 22, 1999

Peter tries to clean up his image. Adam gets a new hotshot agent.

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1x06 Twelfth Step to Hell aired Oct 29, 1999

Peter goes in search of a new star for ""Beverly Hills Gun Club"" and ends up with an actor in rehab.

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1x07 Strong Sexual Content aired Dec 03, 1999

There's a nasty rumor circulating about Peter and a frog. He leaves Wendy for Jane but she leaves him to get back with Bobby G.

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1x08 Lights, Camera, Action! aired Dec 03, 1999

It's the first day of shooting on ""Beverly Hills Gun Club"" and there's a lot of problems. Peter freaks out, has a heart attack and dies in the ambulance.

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1x09 Dragon's Blood aired Aug 02, 2000

Peter searches for a director for Beverly Hills Gun Club, (B.H.G.C.). It also happens to be bring your daughter to work day and Peter has Adam help her ... read more

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1x10 Love Sucks aired Aug 09, 2000

Peter has a reporter in his office to whom he spills all the juicy secrets from behind the scenes so that Beverly Hills Gun Club will be huge before it even ... read more

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1x11 Dead Man Floating aired Aug 30, 2000

Peter recovers from his heart attack to find his production falling apart. Titus drowns and Holden is back on drugs.

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1x12 One Easy Piece aired Sep 06, 2000

Peter has to deal with Stuart interviewing for a new job, Reagan not wanting to show her breasts, and Holdens plethora of problems. Adam tells Peter that he ... read more

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1x13 Last Ride of the Elephant Princess aired Sep 13, 2000

Peter breaks his #1 rule and has to invest his own money, ($10,000,000), in Beverly Hills Gun Club. He also learns he does not own the movie because Adam s... read more


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