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In Firefly, a highly underrated science fiction/western hybrid, Joss Whedon manages to create an interesting, thrilling, and often deep, series packaged with bold statements, character depth, compelling plots and typical Whedonesque wit. Firefly is set five hundred years in the future, within a solar system controlled by the central government, The Alliance. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion), who was involved in the war against The Alliance, leads the crew of his firefly-class ship, Serenity, on a journey with no destination. Always moving and trying their best to steer clear of The Alliance, Mal and his team do all that they can to survive, picking up passengers and often taking on shady jobs from even shadier people. When one of Serenity's passengers is discovered as a fugitive running from The Alliance, things get slightly more complicated for the crew of Serenity - a crew with a dynamic that renders Firefly as a highly enjoyable series.

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aired Sep 21, 2002


ColeFrost (Jul 04, 2011)

For everyone, make sure you watch the followup movie, Serenity


It is supposed to be an American western set in space. The theme song is actually a western sounding song.

felixvdp (Jul 03, 2011)

i can't believe how cheesy this show is. the themesong alone LOL

Mignas (Jun 19, 2011)

Continue this wonderful little gem of a series, please!

scampioen (Mar 13, 2011)

Really one of the best series i ever watched!

Shetisec (Feb 18, 2011)

why shut down a magnificent serie like this? :O

oranges (Feb 16, 2011)

The potential here was amazing. What happens at FOX?

Foirzie (Dec 17, 2010)

@Lashknife True that :)

Lashknife (Dec 15, 2010)

@Foirzie nah, she pwnd as the most sexy terminator ever ;) (although Christana Loken's boob-auto-inflate was very impressive)

Foirzie (Dec 15, 2010)

@Lemon I noticed, Definatly going to watch that one.

Lemon (Dec 14, 2010)

@Foirzie Summer is starring in a new tv show [The Cape](

Foirzie (Dec 14, 2010)

@Lashknife Summer Glau's moment of glory :)

Lashknife (Dec 14, 2010)
Lashknife (Dec 14, 2010)

Hope you all watched the followup movie to still your hunger :D

Cavalera (Nov 12, 2010)

the best scifi ever but aired on the wrong network

josbeir (Jun 10, 2010)

@Lemon stargate is in NO way comparable in quality to firefly...

Lemon (Jun 02, 2010)

Why oh why did they cancel this, stupid FOX people :(

This was by far the best scifi series ever aired on television (OK stargate sg-1 comes closes second :p)

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  • Premiered Sep 20, 2002
  • Genre Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama, Science-Fiction
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  • Network FOX
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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