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Fringe Season 2

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A New Day in the Old Town
89 votes
2x01 A New Day in the Old Town aired Sep 18, 2009

An amnesiac Olivia makes her return from the parallel universe, while Walter, Pete, and Junior Agent Amy Jessup inves... read more

Night of Desirable Objects
85 votes
2x02 Night of Desirable Objects aired Sep 25, 2009

A highway construction worker is the seventh in a series of mysterious disappearances in Lansdale, PA. The team come ... read more

88 votes
2x03 Fracture aired Oct 02, 2009

When an American officer who served in Iraq blows up in a Philadelphia train station, the Fringe Division investigate... read more

Momentum Deferred
87 votes
2x04 Momentum Deferred aired Oct 09, 2009

Olivia begins to regain her memories of her encounter with William Bell. Meanwhile, the "First Wave" tries to collect... read more

Dream Logic
81 votes
2x05 Dream Logic aired Oct 16, 2009

A man in Seattle goes berserk, attacking his boss and claiming his victim is a demon. After the killer dies of what a... read more

87 votes
2x06 Earthling aired Nov 06, 2009

Human beings are reduced to ash statues and Broyles realizes that the same person responsible murdered five other per... read more

Of Human Action
88 votes
2x07 Of Human Action aired Nov 13, 2009

Two men kidnap a teenage boy using mind control abilities. The boy's father works for Massive Dynamic but Nina insist... read more

89 votes
2x08 August aired Nov 20, 2009

The Observer chooses to do something other than observe, abducting a college student. However, when the Fringe team i... read more

86 votes
2x09 Snakehead aired Dec 04, 2009

A Chinese Triad is using illegal aliens to breed parasitic worms that eventually kill their hosts. When a ship runs a... read more

Grey Matters
82 votes
2x10 Grey Matters aired Dec 11, 2009

The First Wave breaks into a mental hospital and cures a long-term patient suffering from schizophrenia. When the Fri... read more

81 votes
2x11 Unearthed aired Jan 12, 2010

A teenage girl pronounced brain dead wakes up in the middle of the operation to remove her organs... speaking numbers... read more

Johari Window
84 votes
2x12 Johari Window aired Jan 15, 2010

A state trooper picks up a runaway boy, but when he undergoes a strange transformation, three murders result. The Fri... read more

What Lies Below
88 votes
2x13 What Lies Below aired Jan 22, 2010

A Dutch industrial consultant arrives for an appointment and dies in a painful explosion of blood. Olivia and Peter a... read more

The Bishop Revival
91 votes
2x14 The Bishop Revival aired Jan 29, 2010

When all of the groom's relatives asphyxiate at a wedding, the Fringe division investigates and quickly ascertain tha... read more

100 votes
2x15 Jacksonville aired Feb 03, 2010

The arrival of a building from the alternate Earth causes massive death and destruction to those occupying the site a... read more

107 votes
2x16 Peter aired Apr 02, 2010

Walter explains to Olivia how Peter came from the alternate universe, and how he was willing to risk everything to sa... read more

Olivia, in the Lab, with the Revolver
92 votes
2x17 Olivia, in the Lab, with the Revolver aired Apr 09, 2010

A healthy woman dies of rapid-onset cancer in a matter of minutes, and the Fringe team is called in to investigate. T... read more

White Tulip
100 votes
2x18 White Tulip aired Apr 16, 2010

When the passengers on a commuter train all die instantly of massive power loss, the team realizes that a time travel... read more

The Man from the Other Side
93 votes
2x19 The Man from the Other Side aired Apr 23, 2010

Two teenagers turn up dead and evidence indicates that shapeshifters have borrowed their forms for some special missi... read more

Brown Betty
100 votes
2x20 Brown Betty aired Apr 30, 2010

When Peter disappears, Walter seeks solace in marijuana. In that state of mind, he and Astrid babysit Olivia's niece ... read more

Northwest Passage
96 votes
2x21 Northwest Passage aired May 07, 2010

In Noyo County, Washington, Peter stumbles across a grisly murder with ties to Newton and First Wave. He is forced to... read more

Over There (1)
108 votes
2x22 Over There (1) aired May 14, 2010

When Walter discovers that Peter has traveled to the alternate universe, he and Olivia gather three cortexiphan child... read more

Over There (2)
110 votes
2x23 Over There (2) aired May 21, 2010

Walternate asks Peter to help complete the device, while the fugitives Walter and Olivia are reunited with William Be... read more


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