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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1

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1x01 Section-9 aired Oct 01, 2002

The Minister of Foreign Affairs behaves strange after a hostage situation in a restaurant. Section 9 is sent to investigate.

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1x02 Testation aired Oct 08, 2002

A heavy-assault multiped tank runs amok under the control of an unknown hijacker.

Android and I
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1x03 Android and I aired Oct 15, 2002

A series of android suicides prompts Section 9 to investigate the manufacturer.

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1x04 Intercepter aired Oct 22, 2002

Yamaguchi, an old friend of Togusa's and a police detective working in the Laughing Man task force, is murdered after he calls Togusa, requesting to see him ... read more

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1x05 Decoy aired Oct 29, 2002

Section 9 suspects that the police investigators handling the Laughing Man case are using their primary suspect, a former Serano Genomics programmer with a s... read more

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1x06 Meme aired Nov 05, 2002

The Superintendent-General's press conference quickly descends into chaos after the Laughing Man's assassination threat. Kusanagi suspects that the Laughing ... read more

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1x07 Idolator aired Nov 12, 2002

The Ministry of Home Affairs learns that Jenoma revolutionary leader Marcelo Jarti has been visiting Japan regularly every five months. Jarti is a drug traff... read more

Missing Hearts
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1x08 Missing Hearts aired Nov 19, 2002

Kurutan calls the Major to the hospital where she works to look into the source of a young girl's heart transplant. The heart she received was given without ... read more

Chat! Chat! Chat!
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1x09 Chat! Chat! Chat! aired Nov 26, 2002

Using her net avatar, Kusanagi enters a chat room dedicated to the Laughing Man. Various theories are passed around the chat room as the members view various... read more

Jungle Cruise
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1x10 Jungle Cruise aired Dec 03, 2002

Marco Amoretti, a former American Imperial Navy Petty Officer turned serial killer, has arrived in Japan and for the last two months has murdered several wom... read more

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1x11 Portraitz aired Dec 10, 2002

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's database has been hacked into, and classified material has been stolen. Section 9 traces the hack and determines... read more

Escape From
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1x12 Escape From aired Dec 17, 2002

Early in the morning Batou's Tachikoma self-activates and leaves the Tachikoma storage bay to explore the outside world. While roaming the streets of Niihama... read more

Not Equal
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1x13 Not Equal aired Dec 24, 2002

Sixteen years ago, Eka Tokura, the daughter of a pioneering cybernetics company's CEO, was kidnapped by the New World Brigade, a terrorist group opposed to c... read more

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1x14 ¥€$ aired Dec 31, 2002

Acting on a tip, Section 9 breaks up a cabal of thieves planning to rob a Japanese financial institution. Shortly after the raid, a Chinese intelligence offi... read more

Machines Désirantes
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1x15 Machines Désirantes aired Jan 07, 2003

Kusanagi's reservations regarding Section 9's Tachikoma units comes to a head. She becomes disturbed by their behaviour, as their artificial intelligence age... read more

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1x16 Ag2O aired Jan 14, 2003

Sensitive information has been stolen from a U.S. Naval base, and the primary suspect is a former Paralympic silver medalist boxer named Pavlo Zaitsev, who w... read more

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1x17 Angels’ Share aired Jan 21, 2003

Kusanagi and Aramaki are visiting London for an anti-terrorism conference. While there, Aramaki stops at a wine bank to visit an old friend of his, who asks ... read more

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1x18 Lost Heritage aired Jan 28, 2003

After a five-year wait, Chinese vice foreign minister Jin has been allowed access to the Kagoshima War Memorial in Japan. Jin is the first Chinese dignitary ... read more

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1x19 Captivated aired Feb 04, 2003

Former Prime Minister Kanzaki’s daughter has been abducted, and Section 9 is called in to investigate her disappearance. The prime suspect in the case is Bli... read more

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1x20 Re-View aired Feb 11, 2003

After the events of "PORTRAITZ", Togusa uses J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye as a starting point and develops a theory that the Laughing Man is after... read more

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1x21 Eraser aired Feb 18, 2003

Togusa finds himself in the hospital after being shot, but is desperate to impart what he has learned to the rest of the group. By diving into Togusa’s memor... read more

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1x22 Scandal aired Feb 25, 2003

The Head of the DEA is arrested for murder in connection with the raid at the Sunflower Society building. Aramaki orders Section 9 to go through all of the f... read more

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1x23 Equinox aired Mar 04, 2003

The Laughing Man returns to kidnap Ernest Serano, the CEO of Serano Genomics, just as he did six years before. Returning to the café where Serano was first k... read more

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1x24 Annihilation aired Mar 11, 2003

Having learned the entire truth behind the Laughing Man Incident from the Laughing Man himself, and confirming the information with Serano, Section 9 is fina... read more

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1x25 Barrage aired Mar 18, 2003

Aramaki has been released under his own recognizance, and meets with the head of the Ministry of Justice to explain the situation and ask for help in ensurin... read more

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1x26 Stand Alone Complex aired Mar 25, 2003

The dismantling of Section 9, spun by the media as a JSDF preemptive strike against a radical security unit planning a coup, provides the Prime Minister with... read more


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