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Grey's Anatomy Season 7

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With You I'm Born Again
39 votes
7x01 With You I'm Born Again aired Sep 24, 2010

The hospital staff is trying to deal with physical and emotional trauma in the wake of the deadly rampage of a vengeful gunman. As Dr. Perkins, a trauma coun... read more

Shock to the System
40 votes
7x02 Shock to the System aired Oct 01, 2010

After weeks of concealing the fact she was pregnant and miscarried, Meredith at last tells Derek and is finally cleared to return to her surgical duties in t... read more

40 votes
7x03 Superfreak aired Oct 08, 2010

When Derek receives an unexpected and unwelcome visit from his estranged sister, Amelia, issues between the siblings -- both past and present -- come to the ... read more

Can't Fight Biology
42 votes
7x04 Can't Fight Biology aired Oct 15, 2010

Things are hostile on all fronts when a visit to the obstetrician results in some disturbing news for Meredith and Derek, and Lexie loses it when she notices... read more

Almost Grown
44 votes
7x05 Almost Grown aired Oct 22, 2010

As part of their training, the Chief puts Seattle Grace's residents, including Meredith, Cristina, April and Jackson, in charge; meanwhile, Derek, Callie, Ow... read more

These Arms of Mine
52 votes
7x06 These Arms of Mine aired Oct 29, 2010

A documentary film crew visits the hospital six months after the shooting to document the road to recovery for doctors and patients. The camera lenses follow... read more

That's Me Trying
50 votes
7x07 That's Me Trying aired Nov 05, 2010

The residents are pushed to their limits when Owen puts them through a rigorous trauma certification drill; meanwhile, Cristina is also tested when left alon... read more

Something's Gotta Give
49 votes
7x08 Something's Gotta Give aired Nov 12, 2010

Top security measures go into place as a team of doctors, led by the Chief, try to save the life of a major policitcal figure from the Middle East. Meanwhile... read more

Slow Night, So Long
50 votes
7x09 Slow Night, So Long aired Nov 19, 2010

Derek lands the grant he needs for his clinical trial and all the attendings take him out to Joe's Bar to celebrate, but they get a surprise when they see so... read more

Adrift and at Peace
53 votes
7x10 Adrift and at Peace aired Dec 03, 2010

Despite Meredith's objections to the idea, a concerned Derek takes Cristina on a fishing trip in order to get away from it all, while Teddy, feeling directio... read more

63 votes
7x11 Disarm aired Jan 07, 2011

News of the incoming mass causalities after a gunman opens fire at a local college hits the staff hard when they must spring into action, even while their ow... read more

Start Me Up
63 votes
7x12 Start Me Up aired Jan 14, 2011

Arizona seeks Mark's advice as she tries to reconcile with Callie, who has big news of her own; Teddy must make a key decision for Henry during his surgery; ... read more

Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)
72 votes
7x13 Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go) aired Feb 04, 2011

Derek begins a clinical trial for an Alzheimer's therapy. Friction arises when he chooses to exclude Meredith from assisting with this research. Bailey uses ... read more

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
77 votes
7x14 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) aired Feb 11, 2011

Thatcher Grey, Meredith and Lexie's father, returns to Seattle Grace with stomach pains and a new, twenty-something tattooed girlfriend, Danielle. Meanwhile,... read more

Golden Hour
82 votes
7x15 Golden Hour aired Feb 18, 2011

Meredith, looking to prove she is Chief Resident material, learns that anything and everything can happen in an hour's time when she steps up to run the ER f... read more

Not Responsible
88 votes
7x16 Not Responsible aired Feb 25, 2011

Meredith must choose between her fertility treatments and her eyesight when she begins having trouble seeing, Mark makes it clear to Callie and Arizona that ... read more

This Is How We Do It
95 votes
7x17 This Is How We Do It aired Mar 25, 2011

Richard is desperate for Derek and Meredith to accept Adele into their Alzheimer's trial, but will Adele stand in her own way? Meanwhile Mark and Arizona hav... read more

Song Beneath the Song
117 votes
7x18 Song Beneath the Song aired Apr 01, 2011

Callie and Arizona are rushed back to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital after a car accident, where Callie is in critical condition. The doctors must act qui... read more

It's a Long Way Back
111 votes
7x19 It's a Long Way Back aired Apr 29, 2011

Everyone pulls together to help Callie and baby Sofia on their painstaking journeys to recovery in hopes of allowing mother and baby to finally meet; the sud... read more

White Wedding
116 votes
7x20 White Wedding aired May 06, 2011

As Callie and Arizona's wedding approaches, the couple quickly realize that the day they've been looking forward to is not turning out the way they'd envisio... read more

I Will Survive
113 votes
7x21 I Will Survive aired May 13, 2011

Personal and work pressures are adding up and have Meredith visibly on edge, Owen conducts formal interviews for the Chief Resident position, Cristina grows ... read more

Unaccompanied Minor
119 votes
7x22 Unaccompanied Minor aired May 20, 2011

News of Meredith's dishonesty in the clinical trial comes to light, leading to unanticipated consequences for her and others; Cristina finds herself in a com... read more


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