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House Season 7

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Now What?
52 votes
7x01 Now What? aired Sep 21, 2010

After they declare their love for each other, House and Cuddy decide to spend a day in House's apartment examining th... read more

52 votes
7x02 Selfish aired Sep 28, 2010

A young girl who lives her life for her brother, a victim of muscular dystrophy, suffers from heart arrhythmia and is... read more

50 votes
7x03 Unwritten aired Oct 05, 2010

A children's novelist tries to kill herself, but is thwarted when she has a seizure. House, a fan of the books, puts ... read more

Massage Therapy
52 votes
7x04 Massage Therapy aired Oct 12, 2010

The team's newest patient is a wife who suffers from vomiting and stomach pains. While they attempt to diagnose her c... read more

Unplanned Parenthood
56 votes
7x05 Unplanned Parenthood aired Oct 19, 2010

A newborn baby, Kayla, suffers from liver failure and the team discovers that her mother Abbey's blood provides a tem... read more

Office Politics
114 votes
7x06 Office Politics aired Nov 09, 2010

Cuddy forces House to hire a med school prodigy as his new team member to replace Hadley, but House insists on making... read more

A Pox on Our House
120 votes
7x07 A Pox on Our House aired Nov 16, 2010

A young girl on a dive brings up a jar from a sunken slave ship and breaks it, infecting herself with what appears to... read more

Small Sacrifices
124 votes
7x08 Small Sacrifices aired Nov 23, 2010

A religious patient is admitted to the hospital after vomiting blood, after undergoing a crucifixion which he believe... read more

Larger Than Life
150 votes
7x09 Larger Than Life aired Jan 18, 2011

A subway hero collapses after saving a woman, and is brought to the hospital. House dismisses heroism as stupidity, b... read more

Carrot or Stick
153 votes
7x10 Carrot or Stick aired Jan 25, 2011

A drill instructor at a disciplinary camp is stricken with back and bladder pains. The team try to diagnose his condi... read more

Family Practice
174 votes
7x11 Family Practice aired Feb 08, 2011

When Cuddy's mother Arlene is admitted to the hospital complaining of heart arrhythmia, House refuses to treat her, w... read more

You Must Remember This
169 votes
7x12 You Must Remember This aired Feb 15, 2011

A waitress with perfect memory suffers from paralysis of the legs and heart arrythmia, and is admitted to the hospita... read more

Two Stories
179 votes
7x13 Two Stories aired Feb 22, 2011

To get Rachel Cuddy into an exclusive preschool, House volunteers to talk at Career Day. While telling the story of a... read more

Recession Proof
193 votes
7x14 Recession Proof aired Mar 01, 2011

A patient is admitted after breaking out in a severe rash triggered by caustic chemical exposure at his blue-collar j... read more

211 votes
7x15 Bombshells aired Mar 08, 2011

Tension reaches new heights when Cuddy faces sobering news that propels her to reevaluate her priorities. While House... read more

Out of the Chute
208 votes
7x16 Out of the Chute aired Mar 15, 2011

The team treats a professional bullfighter who is attacked by a bull. The team must determine the causes behind the p... read more

Fall from Grace
225 votes
7x17 Fall from Grace aired Mar 22, 2011

A young homeless man with a history of drug abuse (and a secret) arrives at the hospital with bad burns and scars on ... read more

The Dig
244 votes
7x18 The Dig aired Apr 12, 2011

Thirteen has been in prison for the past year, but the real mystery for House is what she did to get there. As House ... read more

Last Temptation
251 votes
7x19 Last Temptation aired Apr 19, 2011

Masters faces a career crossroads on her last day as a medical student and struggles with the choice to continue on t... read more

256 votes
7x20 Changes aired May 03, 2011

The team treats a lottery winner who is stricken with partial paralysis. Meanwhile, Cuddy's mother sues the hospital,... read more

The Fix
264 votes
7x21 The Fix aired May 10, 2011

House attempts to resuscitate the career of a washed-up boxer following a disputed wager with Wilson. Meanwhile, the ... read more

After Hours
280 votes
7x22 After Hours aired May 17, 2011

Thirteen receives a visit from her former cellmate, and soon discovers that she is using drugs again. Unwilling to se... read more

Moving On
283 votes
7x23 Moving On aired May 24, 2011

The team takes on the case of a performance artist, but soon suspect that she is causing her own symptoms as part of ... read more


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