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All in the Family Season 1

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Meet the Bunkers
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1x01 Meet the Bunkers aired Jan 12, 1971

It's Edith and Archie Bunker's wedding anniversary. Edith manages to drag Archie to church. Daughter Gloria and her h... read more

Writing the President
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1x02 Writing the President aired Jan 19, 1971

Mike writes a letter to President Nixon, protesting everything that's wrong with America, including the state of the ... read more

Archie's Aching Back
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1x03 Archie's Aching Back aired Jan 26, 1971

Archie is convinced he'll collecty a large settlement from a petty traffic accident if a Jewish laywer handles the ... read more

Archie Gives Blood
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1x04 Archie Gives Blood aired Feb 02, 1971

Archie refuse to donate blood because he'll afraid that his vital fluids might get mixed in those of a different race. read more

Judging Books by Covers
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1x05 Judging Books by Covers aired Feb 09, 1971

Archie scorns one of mike's effeminate friends, unaware that one of his own beer-drinking buddies is a well-adjusted ... read more

Gloria Has a Belly Full
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1x06 Gloria Has a Belly Full aired Feb 16, 1971

Archie dream of becoming a grandfather is dashed when Gloria suffers a sudden misscarriage. read more

Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit
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1x07 Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit aired Feb 23, 1971

Mike invited one of his hippie friends to spend the night in his living room, despite Archie's strenous ojections. read more

Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood
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1x08 Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood aired Mar 02, 1971

Louis Jefferson makes her first appearance, through husband George will remain an offscreen character for another two... read more

Edith Has Jury Duty
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1x09 Edith Has Jury Duty aired Mar 09, 1971

Edith abandons the kitchen for the courtroom when she is chosen for jury duty,leaving Archie to fend for himself. read more

Archie Is Worried About His Job
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1x10 Archie Is Worried About His Job aired Mar 16, 1971

No one in the family gets any sleep when Archie spends the night worring that he might lose his job. read more

Gloria Discovers Women's Lib
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1x11 Gloria Discovers Women's Lib aired Mar 23, 1971

Gloria leaves the house in a rage after Mike refuse to recognize her as an equal partner in their marriage. read more

Success Story
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1x12 Success Story aired Mar 30, 1971

Archie reevaluates his definition of success after he meets an old army buddy who's become wealthy in the used-car tr... read more

The First and Last Supper
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1x13 The First and Last Supper aired Apr 06, 1971

The Jeffersons arrive for dinner at the Bunkers'--minus husband George, who refuses to socialize with his white neigh... read more


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