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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7

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Frank's Pretty Woman
116 votes
7x01 Frank's Pretty Woman aired Sep 16, 2011

With Frank intent on marrying a prostitute, The Gang tries to make the best of it by attempting an image makeover to ... read more

The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore
118 votes
7x02 The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore aired Sep 23, 2011

Dee and Dennis take the gang to their favorite childhood vacation spot where things aren't quite how they remember. W... read more

Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties
108 votes
7x03 Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties aired Sep 30, 2011

Frank accidentally gets into the child pageantry business and is terrified of coming across as a 'Diddler.' As Dee tr... read more

Sweet Dee Gets Audited
106 votes
7x04 Sweet Dee Gets Audited aired Oct 07, 2011

Desperate times call for truly sad and horrific measures as Sweet Dee tries to get out of an IRS audit. Meanwhile, th... read more

Frank's Brother
106 votes
7x05 Frank's Brother aired Oct 14, 2011

The Gang is shocked to meet Frank's long lost brother, Gino, when he unexpectedly arrives at Paddy's Pub and exposes ... read more

The Storm of the Century
117 votes
7x06 The Storm of the Century aired Oct 21, 2011

With an apocalyptic storm headed to Philly, The Gang joins the panicking masses in a race to secure scarce resources.... read more

Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games
133 votes
7x07 Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games aired Oct 28, 2011

The gang plays the most twisted board game ever; Dee and Dennis face Mac, Charlie and Frank. read more

The ANTI-Social Network
114 votes
7x08 The ANTI-Social Network aired Nov 04, 2011

The gang uses the Internet to cyber-stalk their prey; Frank tries to drum up business for Paddy's with a viral video. read more

The Gang Gets Trapped
112 votes
7x09 The Gang Gets Trapped aired Nov 11, 2011

The Gang's plan to "extract" an "artifact" from a residence is jeopardized when the owners turn out to be home. Havin... read more

How Mac Got Fat
116 votes
7x10 How Mac Got Fat aired Nov 18, 2011

Step inside the confession booth with Mac as he tells a befuddled priest why his fatness is the fault of the other me... read more

Thunder Gun Express
119 votes
7x11 Thunder Gun Express aired Dec 02, 2011

The gang will do whatever it takes to see the hottest action movie of the summer, "Thunder Gun Express," before it le... read more

The High School Reunion (1)
117 votes
7x12 The High School Reunion (1) aired Dec 09, 2011

The gang attends their high school reunion with a lot to prove. Old friends are met and new foes are made as the gang... read more

The Gang's Revenge (2)
117 votes
7x13 The Gang's Revenge (2) aired Dec 16, 2011

In the conclusion of this two part episode the gang devises a new plan at their high school reunion to make sure thei... read more


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