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theRecommender (Jan 01, 2015)

Hi there AyeMeL,
I am the Recommender and I have analyzed the viewing habbits of all the users. Now I am able to give you recommendations matching the series you love and follow.

You should watch Lost because you already follow Dexter, Breaking Bad, Heroes
You should watch Sherlock because you already follow Elementary
You should watch Prison Break because you already follow Dexter, Breaking Bad, Heroes

If you want to recieve new recommendations on a monthly basis you should add me as a friend and I'll keep you updated.

sinkyourteeth (Apr 12, 2014)

Aww yeah The Wire

sinkyourteeth (Feb 09, 2014)

Twisted in 2 days, son.

sinkyourteeth (Nov 02, 2013)

bello and VnJ said to come back since school started a long ass time ago.

sinkyourteeth (Sep 09, 2013)

I joined back up like the day after I sent that comment to see what was up and I saw you join for like half a second the other day, but I've been chillin with bello and DanW.

AyeMeL (Sep 09, 2013)

@sinkyourteeth I haven't been on in a while either. I only really ever talk to Smoked.

sinkyourteeth (Sep 04, 2013)

Tell everyone I said hi

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