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ForgotMyLines (Jul 04, 2021)

@Bristow I see it's a French show? TVDb translates foreign shows to English for me, does it go by a French title that it could be on here under? Nothing comes up in the search bar, or on the all shows section for "Mortel", is there a translation situation maybe?

Scratch that, I just looked at AKA in IMDb, and it isn't know by another name.

Bristow (Jul 04, 2021)

@Fish @lemon @ForgotMyLines could you help me to find this show:
It is supposed to exist here, but i cannot find it :(

I looked at all shows section and it isn't there.


Fish (Jul 01, 2021)

@b0sse I don't know either, a lot of show are getting auto rejected. We'll have to wait for Lemon to fix it.

b0sse (Jul 01, 2021)

Mate, why does this constantly get auto-rejected for missing IMDB id when i try to contribute it?

I even went to all the trouble of getting it added on IMDB and then also get the IMDB id added to thetvdb site so its on there. Why is it still getting auto-rejected? can somebody look at this please?

Fish (Jul 01, 2021)

@jayvie Ik ben nu bezig met de backlog van nieuwe shows toe te voegen, als er nog ontbreken voeg ze dan gerust toe. Nu dat wij ook shows kunnen approven zal het wel rapper gaan in de toekomst. Soms loopt er wel nog iets mis en dan moeten we wel op Lemon wachten.

jayvie (Jul 01, 2021)

@Fish Heb het al gevraagd maar ze antwoordt helemaal niet. Dit is mijn favo site voor series, maar de laatste tijd zijn er veel ontbrekende en dat begint me wat tegen te steken. Ben al gedeeltelijk op een concurrent overgeschakeld.

Fish (Jul 01, 2021)

@jayvie Content Editors kunnen nu ook shows reviewen. Ik ben al lang shows aan het updaten met descriptions & afbeeldingen. Je kunt best eens met Lemon praten als je ook deze rol wilt. Ik denk nu dat ForgotMyLines en ik de enige actieve content editors zijn.

jayvie (Jun 30, 2021)

Is het door 'Fan' te worden dat je zelf shows kan approven? Of...

ForgotMyLines (Dec 07, 2020)

@Fish Yes mate, that show is also brilliant!

Also, not a game show, but it is comedians interacting with each other. "Travel Man: 48 Hours in..." is hilarious.

Fish (Dec 07, 2020)

@ForgotMyLines Can you recommend similar shows from the UK? I've heard about 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, is that any good?

ForgotMyLines (Dec 07, 2020)

@Fish Ah yeah, those shows are really great!

Fish (Dec 07, 2020)

@ForgotMyLines Likewise, I've seen your name popping up a lot as well. I recently discovered taskmaster and Would I Lie to You. Both are absolutely hilarious :')

ForgotMyLines (Dec 05, 2020)

Hey man. Nice to meet you. Notice how much you have edited on this site, and love the shows you are watching.

theRecommender (Jan 05, 2015)

Hi there Fish,
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If you want to recieve new recommendations on a monthly basis you should add me as a friend and I'll keep you updated.

WTFLMAOFAIL (Dec 09, 2012)

Yes it is 'Carol Of The Bells'. Thank you :>

ColeFrost (Dec 21, 2011)

Thank you for what you said. This was bound to happen anyway. Without an account deletion feature, it is kind of like leave it all behind or stay and say something.

I don't have that feature that most have where they can just ignore certain people or personalities. I compile, then launch.

Either way, no intention of spoiling anything coming up. So, Happy Holidays, :).

Fish (May 19, 2011)

@kakature: I was going for the ignore-button but I accidentally misclicked :(

kakature (May 19, 2011)


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