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Bristow (Sep 02, 2020)

@Lemon ok, i can see this:

- Kingdom's tvdb url is wrong, it takes you to this:
Is it possible to fix this? It should take you to this:
Be careful with the links, followmytv is adding this text "amp;" i dont know why, but if you delete that once you have click on this last link, it takes you to the correct Kingdom's site :)

- Trackers: here, in tvdb there are two differents ways to show info, "aired order" and "cinemax" so in this case I think we cannot do anything.

- V (1983) I dont know what is wrong here, the link is correct and the information is ok in thetvdb but it is wrong in :(


Lemon (Sep 02, 2020)

@bristow, If you look at each show page in the bottom right in the importer status. it will tell when it checked this show the last time and when it detected new data.

If the episodes do not show up in recent checks, that means the upstream page does not have the episode yet.

Bristow (Aug 27, 2020)

Hi @Lemon I have some issues, could you help me?

- Netflix's Kingdom has 2 seasons but here there is only one

- Trackers has an episode 6, but here there are only 5

- V (1983): season 1 should have 2 episodes only (miniseries), instead of it, we have repeated episodes from season 3.


Lemon (Oct 06, 2017)

@tiagoh It's due to the change in the data source. TheTVDB is much less stable than TvRage was.

I either spend my time building the new site, API and mobile apps. Or I spend my time fixing up this old code-base for long-term maintenance.

I decided to focus on the rewrite and only fix bugs in this version, especially since I have so little time to work on fmtv in general.

As a result, there might be more data errors, or bugs take a bit longer to be fixed. But in the long run, I want to get the new site up before the new TV season kicks off.

tiagoh (Oct 05, 2017)

@lemon I don't mean to put pressure on anyone, but we really need a full update on everything that is going on in this site right now. Because since it began failing a couple of years ago it has never returned to being the same thing as before, despite some fixing here and there. I know you probably do this for free and don't have enough free time to deal with it everyday, but this community has always been so faithful, we deserve to know what to expect. Thanks in advance for not giving up on this!

soulke (Jul 05, 2016)

Hi @lemon... some series arn't being added...
Feed The beast, Frequency, Designated Survivor and timeless to name a few.... is the importer not working fine atm?

Lemon (Jun 28, 2016)

@tiagoh Trying to find time to finish the feature. I got some of front-end done already. Still need to do the thetvdb integration bit.

tiagoh (Jun 27, 2016)

I know the question has been asked several times, but how long until new series are added to the database? It's been so long...

ForgotMyLines (Apr 19, 2016)

Hello there.

I was just wondering, do you know what the plan is with new shows? On the last blog I've put up about 17 shows not on the Database? Are shows getting slowly added? Are you just maintaining current database shows at the moment?

A few of the shows I've seen mentioned by other users a few times. Is the contribution system on it's way? I would be happy to submit things.

tiagoh (Nov 19, 2015)

@Lemon some shows are starting to show the episode names as "TBD" or something like that... do we have to worry about this? It's like it's not updating.

And other question: what about new shows?

kakature (Nov 03, 2015)

Thanks for fixing this, Sarah! Glad it's back.

dude8604 (Sep 14, 2015)

@Lemon Any plans to fix it?

Lemon (Sep 07, 2015)

@dude8604 Facebook changed their API's drastically and its a lot of work to fix this on the old codebase :(

dude8604 (Jun 08, 2015)

Did stop posting episode check-ins to people's Facebook walls/timelines?

Kiekebanus (Apr 08, 2014)

@Lemon The site seems to not sync with TVrage. Added episodes on TVrage don't appear on here. Is going on a couple days now.

Lemon (Feb 05, 2013)

Seems like the followers tab includes deleted & banned users

josbeir (Feb 05, 2013)

@harrrr why? we have 20k+ users, its only fair that 10k of them are following tbbt no ? :-)

harrrr (Feb 05, 2013)

on this page TBBT already has 10k+ followers, something goes wrong somewhere? :)

Lemon (Nov 27, 2012)

@oranges You mean the spam? Its an ongoing problem. They seem to love to post spam messages on the news articles

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