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likwidsolutions (Apr 24, 2012)

Haha, I just realized there was a show missing from my collection that I had watched for about three and a half seasons. Now I am ahead, take that! I am a bigger nerd than you are...

likwidsolutions (Apr 15, 2012)

@Renegade412 I think that's one of the reasons I started watching shows that had already finished (TNG, DS9, B5, Voyager, Enterprise), because I'm getting tired of everything on air right now. The only thing I really look forward to this season is Game of Thrones and Community. I still watch about 10 more shows but none of them are as good as they once were.

Renegade412 (Apr 15, 2012)

@likwidsolutions Nope, I'm going to wait until the season's over then polish it off in 2-3 afternoons. Or a weekend. If I can be bothered. That's another show I'm tired of.

likwidsolutions (Apr 15, 2012)

Have you been keeping up with Mad Men? I've been having trouble because it has been over a year since I saw any of it. I watched the two part premeire, but haven't kept up since. I'm sure it's as good as it was, but I just feel like it's more work than it's worth to refresh myself.

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