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BertDenolf (Aug 30, 2011)

"gossip girl? for real dude ? Geen wonder dat je ziek bent XD"


alexisdhondt (Aug 30, 2011)

gossip girl? for real dude ? Geen wonder dat je ziek bent XD

Flugelshizzl (Aug 27, 2011)

battlestar galactica for the win! :D

drazgo (Aug 14, 2011)

@ThibaultDC ah je zit daar al, kgeraak lik nie verder dan seizoen 1, nie echt zo'n fan :p

ThibaultDC (Aug 12, 2011)

@drazgo Jup, aan seizoen 3 begonnen. Ben keer benieuwd :)

drazgo (Aug 12, 2011)

Begonn aan dexter ja? :)

ThibaultDC (Aug 07, 2011)

@ColeFrost I think it's quite a shame that TV shows are often put in boxes with lables on them that say who should or should not watch it. That way, people often get the wrong idea of what the show is all about. Glad to have finally found someone who shares that thought! :D

ColeFrost (Aug 07, 2011)

Yeah, I feel you. I watch quite a bit of shows that can get me picked on, though no one has dared to take me on, yet :).

Gilmore Girls, is by far, my all time favorite show under the guys get picked on for watching category. If you ever get a chance to watch it, it is worth it.

ThibaultDC (Aug 07, 2011)

@ColeFrost Amen to that, thanks! I'm used to this kind of comments.. It's Desperate Housewives all over again. :p Ah well, I know better!

ColeFrost (Aug 06, 2011)

Gossip Girl is actually written by the same guy that does Chuck. Enough said.

Don't listen to these fools. I always watch what I want to watch and I am proud of it. A good show is a good show.

JonasB (Aug 06, 2011)

gossip girl?:p ma man toch

DelphineLynn (Aug 06, 2011)

haha gossip girl :D told you!

ThibaultDC (Aug 06, 2011)

@BertDenolf Hells Yeah! :D 'k wilde wel eens iets luchtigers beginnen dan Dexter, The Wire, Deadwood en consoorten. Bij deze Gossip Girl gekozen.. Vooral ook omdat'k van een paar gasten gehoord heb dat ze't zelf graag zien. Bovendien ben'k een fan van TV-shows in't algemeen, dus 'k sta eigenlijk voor alles open. Desperate Housewives vind ik bijvoorbeeld een van de betere series die ik al heb gezien. Daar zijn ook zo veel verkeerde vooroordelen over vind ik, gewoon door de titel.. Met Gossip Girl is dat 't zelfde vind ik. Best wel jammer!

BertDenolf (Aug 06, 2011)

Gossip girl, seriously? :p

Flugelshizzl (Aug 03, 2011)

entourage <3

ThibaultDC (Jul 27, 2011)

@ColeFrost It's definitely going to be weird seeing him as a different character than Omar (Haven't seen Boardwalk Empire yet). I'm wondering whether he would fit in a comedy TV-show such as Community. I guess we'll see.. Looking forward in any case :)

StevieG (Jul 26, 2011)

@ColeFrost Oh nice. I wonder which directions they will go with him :)

ColeFrost (Jul 26, 2011)


He is going to be on Community this upcoming season.

I posted it earlier, but I figured this called for a special person post for you two.


StevieG (Jul 25, 2011)

"Spread da word darlin' Omar's back!"
Yea, i am hooked =)

StevieG (Jul 17, 2011)

The Wire - 1x01 The Target
Just watched

Leuke kennismaking, hoop dat de afleveringen goed gelinkt zijn aan elkaar dat je echt zin hebt om de volgende te zien :)

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