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michaela (Oct 08, 2011)

I'M SORRY, AGA :( COULD YOU PLEASE FORGIVE ME? ♥ I WISH NBC WAS SORRY TOO BUT THEY JUST SUCK (I also made mistake of watching The Playboy Club and falling in love three minutes before the end of episode 1x03, which is when they cancelled it :( ) I liked it a lot, it was probably my favourite comedy/sitcom this fall, it was funny without being too silly and, like you said, had a heart :( COULDN'T THEY JUST WAIT AT LEAST 13 EPISODES BEFORE CANCELLING IT? :( DAMN YOU, NBC!!! *sobs*

Philip Glenister's Hidden is awesome and Ian Wylie's review couldn't be more accurate. There was some plot which I forgot to follow for most of the time because there were other, more important things. Bare-chested, wine, cigarettes, flirting with ladies, brooding, more brooding... and so many gorgeous close-ups of Philip Glenister's face that I'm actually thinking about opening Photoshop :D

michaela (Oct 06, 2011)

"lizzymaxia is following Free Agents (US)" ♥_♥

aredhel (Sep 14, 2011)

Downton Abbey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;DDDDDDD

aredhel (Aug 30, 2011)

heyy!! I just saw your comment on my dashboard, i'm sorry ♥ I looooooove that quote, and you know what? I never I've never seen The Office Uk o.O (i know, i know) and I have the dvds... SHAME ON ME.

swoon (Jul 14, 2011)

If you want me to :D.

swoon (Jul 13, 2011)

Oh, you know, it's cute, I guess? I mean, it's not even remotely the greatest show ever, I think I keep watching it because of Brooke Elliott, but I do like the other characters/actors as well. Maybe you can keep for empty periods? Like, I don't know, the Winter break? :D

michaela (Jul 02, 2011)

I think I'm watching too many "is this adorable or actually offensive?" things already, but if I get bored sometimes I promise I will try it.

We have original versions with subtitles at the movies too (except for movies for kids), but on tv 98% of shows/movies is dubbed. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it just makes me laugh (for example I couldn't even get through Bones pilot, it was terrible). And Harry Potter? In Czech books/movies even names are translated. I remember seeing Order of the Phoenix with my friend and being really confused wtf they're calling Brumbál Dumbledore? And Hermione is forever Hermiona for me :D

michaela (Jul 02, 2011)

Yeah, my The IT Crowd re-watch is over *boom sadness*, but I'm thinking about re-watching it again and making million gifs :D
I'm always forgetting that we're one of the few countries where everything has to be dubbed. I guess we're just lazy. Sometimes we have movies with subtitles, but it's always late at night and on a channel that almost nobody watches. We are even dubbing lovak tv shows, which I find a really ridiculous waste of money, because Czech and Slovak are almost the same language!
I've seen that "spoken over" thing in some Russian movies I accidentally downloaded and I guess it can be funny sometimes :D But I don't know if I could get used to it. I'm already spoiled :D But even our dubbing can get sometimes quite funny, especially when you know the original version and they keep changing things and mispronouncing names...

michaela (Jul 02, 2011)

Overuse of words such as "penis" isn't really my favourite thing so maybe I shouldn't even watch it? I like Paul Campbell the way I know him: nice, sweet, shy and adorable and very polite to girls. But thanks for informing me :)

michaela (Jun 25, 2011)

British humour is my favourite humor, the same applies to british cinematography and everything british in general. Except for pudding maybe.

And yes, I am re- and watching IT Crowd. I used to watch it on czech television (it was one of the few tv shows we actually got in English with subtitles and not dubbed to Czech), but we only got first two seasons so I've decided (= FAQ About Time Travel and you made me) to catch up on the rest.

swoon (Jun 17, 2011)

I didn't see the reply! This website should have some kind of proper notification system :D.

To be honest, and although tumblr is being quite heavy on the subject, I did find both episodes a bit too offensive towards women and homosexuality, but there are also things I liked, so now I'm torn! And I love the cast!

They actually changed the actors three times! The ones that were in the first promos are different from the ones in the pilot who are also different from the ones in episode two :D, it's a bit messy.
I'm sorry that Krysten Ritter was just a guest! And no, it wasn't the same character! :D

michaela (Jun 16, 2011)

Yes, dramatic, but definitely worth it! Jess & Becker were cute (I was trying to picspam it and I don't even mind the dark, but low quality caps I can't work with. I need my pretty HD!)
If I remember correctly, it's the last season and there are just two episodes left :( IT'S NOT ENOUGH! I NEED MORE! And next week looks more like dinosaurs and stuff than shippy times :( (but maybe they can do both?)

michaela (Jun 16, 2011)

I'm sorry, I tried to be as vague as possible :D BUT AT LEAST THEY WERE GOOD SPOILERS! (you need to watch it asap so we can squee together :) I wasn't crazy about plot, but so many shippy moments! Especially Jess/Becker.)

songforsomeone (Jun 16, 2011)

Aga!! :)

michaela (Jun 16, 2011)


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