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theRecommender needs to watch some episodes.


iphi (Feb 04, 2015)

@Dukz It probably does not just take the shows you watch into account (content-based filtering, or if there is similarity in the shows you watch), but also what people with similar viewing behaviour to you watch as well (collaborative filtering, similarity in people viewing behaviour).'s userbase is smaller, I'm assuming, than Amazon's so collaborative filtering won't get them that far. If most avid Rome fans are also avid House fans, that might skew the results, and suggest this to you, even though the series are a few thousand years apart.

However, if you liked Rome, I'd very much suggest The Pillars of the Earth series. It is kinda old, but really well done, and imho beats the book. (And I rarely ever say that.)

grossly (Feb 04, 2015)

Hey theRecommender, can you recommend some shows for me? All the shows you already recommended for me I have already watched. Please, try again. Thanks, grossly.

theRecommender (Feb 02, 2015)

@Saxo No, It just works that way, sorry...

Saxo (Feb 01, 2015)

can I get a new recommendation, thanks.

not adding you as a friend cus you spam up my friends activity

ames811 (Jan 23, 2015)

Thanks for the recs but I am reluctant to watch BBT although I heard it's really good however I missed a lot of seasons. Maybe Arrow/ Sherlock :P

Dukz (Jan 21, 2015)

@theRecommender That is very unhelpful answer to why the recommendations make no sense, seeing as Amazon's recommendations do make sense. It analyzes previous purchases and offers options based on those. Recommendations I mentioned receiving make no sense, and I think they were only mentioned because all three are very popular well-known shows that aren't already on my watch list, and that can't be called proper recommending. This right here is like Amazon would recommend toilet brushes to someone frequently buying bread and butter with no history of ever buying toilet brushes.

theRecommender (Jan 21, 2015)

@Dukz The recomendations are kind of what amazon does. People who buy bread often buy butter, so that's all what's taken into account...

Dukz (Jan 21, 2015)

What a shame, I see some other people getting recommendations that make sense but the ones given to me were nonsensical. There is absolutely no reason why I should watch The Sopranos, True Blood or House just because I already follow Band of Brothers, Rome and Game of Thrones.

Band of Brothers is a war drama while Rome is historical drama and Game of Thrones is fantasy drama. Band of Brothers should not be anywhere near the latter two when trying to come up with new shows.

The Sopranos however is a crime drama, and none of the three above have any of that style in them. If one would want to think of some shows I've watched that would justify recommending The Sopranos, then Boardwalk Empire would have been one to mention in regards of style.
True Blood is a supernatural drama and that doesn't have anything to do with the three mentioned either. If one would want to recommend True Blood, then shows like Supernatural, Grimm and Sleepy Hollow would have been ones to use for base.
And finally, perhaps the most puzzling one, a medical drama House. Again, it has nothing in common with the shows that were used for “you should watch House because you have watched these shows” not to mention that I don't have many medical dramas to begin with in my profile, so recommending one shouldn't even happen if the recommendations were made based on what people have watched, and not by just checking if they have some famous show on their list.

jorio (Jan 18, 2015)

Second time recommendations were better.True detective was a good one.I have a lot free time though so,can you give me some more like that one?

darkopus (Jan 18, 2015)

@CelticChemist Thanks for ur advise. I am not in 20's. My age is 36. And I am in love with House Of Cards. And I know I do not need to say anything about this series to u. Best Of Luck.

CelticChemist (Jan 17, 2015)

@Orangefury619 I love House of Cards, but would not necessarily recommend it based on the shows you are following. I'm just assuming that you are male and in your 20's and that you watch Game of Thrones and Walking Dead more for the carnage and badassery than the intense dialogue and deep, multi-dimensional characters. However you do like shows that typically need to be watched in order, so I'm guessing that you can follow a series and even enjoy doing so. All this being said, you should definitely give it a try. It is one of the most intelligent shows on TV, though, as a warning: it took me about 3 episodes to get into, it requires a lot of attention, and it's the only show that I always skip the intro of because it's so damn long.

Orangefury619 (Jan 13, 2015)

Do you recommend me watching house of card with my background?

Ainis94 (Jan 10, 2015)

Ok, I'll add you as a friend. The recomendations you already gave me are very well-known series that I just hadn't got time to watch, but... let's see what else do you have for me.

likwidsolutions (Jan 09, 2015)

@Dukz Yeah I got the same thing with New Girl. I said if you were to recommend a comedy, base it off of Community, Arrested Development and Trailer Park Boys, my favorite 3 comedies. But just because I've seen plenty of Big Bang, HIMYM, and other sitcoms that suck for the most part doesn't mean that's my standard or favorite type of comedy.

b0sse (Jan 09, 2015)

Thanks, I'm already aware of Community, Boardwalk Empire and Gotham, but have chosen not to watch them since I didn't enjoy the first couple of episodes at all.

Dukz (Jan 07, 2015)

Hmm, interesting idea there but pretty flawed. You should give reasons why I would enjoy a show. From that list I have no idea why you would think that someone who watches Game of Thrones should watch New Girl or Breaking Bad since neither have anything to do with GoT.

Same with recommending Breaking Bad based on the fact that someone has watched How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. How on earth does that recommendation even happen?

Seems too silly, but I'm game, keep up the recommendations then.

tomic20 (Jan 07, 2015)

be more imaginitive pls

Baltimore (Jan 07, 2015)

I am also not sure about the recommendations. One show I've already watched in it's entirety, the other two I've tried, but they are not for me. It's not only about the show I WATCH, it's about the ones I already like. It's be great if you could recommend shows unknown to me (good luck with that, I watch A LOT) ... But I'll add you back, maybe your recommendations will get better, Mister.

alexisdhondt (Jan 07, 2015)

Funny thing is that TheRecommender needs to watch some episodes himself so I recommend: Game of Thrones, Archer and Breaking Bad!

Victoriouz (Jan 07, 2015)

Thanks for the recs! I'm not interested in 2 out of those 3 (I'm only planning on watching Heroes someday). So, I saw an earlier comment of yours and I'd like to confirm - does 'Skipping' a show keep it from being recommended?

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