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This season only had a few worthwhile episodes but this was a great show. I'd definitely recomend this to Twilight Zone/Rod Serling fans.

Night Gallery

Night Gallery

United States - Anthology, Horror/Supernatural, Drama, Fantasy and Horror


DarkSamus92 (Jul 01, 2019)

Top 15 Night Gallery Segments

1. They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar
2. The Waiting Room
3. Little Girl Lost
4. The Escape Route
5. Midnight Never Ends
6. Eyes
7. Camera Obscura
8. Cool Air
9. The Diary
10. Tell David...
11. The Tune in Dan's Cafe
12. The Caterpillar
13. The House
14. The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes
15. She'll Be Company for You

Overall this holds up really well and I woud put most of these up there with the best Twilight Zone episodes. I get why this is so overshadowed by The Twilight Zone but I still think this deserves far more recognition and praise. Visually this was way more ambitious and most of the stories were much darker and more personal than The Twilght Zone. Although like any old school anthology this definitely had some episodes that were really bad but these were usually the shorter segments and even when this show failed I enjoyed the variety and experimental nature of the show.