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Based on the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this updated version of the Sherlock Holmes stories is modern, edgy, and dangerous. Set in present day London, Holmes is as brilliant and arrogant as ever. His loyal friend Watson served in the Afghanistan war as an army doctor. Together, they embark on thrilling, funny, and outrageous adventures.

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aired Jul 25, 2010


ferra (Jan 04, 2016)

@HerMajesty Well yes, currently they have a lot of technical problems XD

HerMajesty (Jan 04, 2016)

@ferra oh, thank you, I didn't know that they are here :D they never appear on dashboard :<

HerMajesty (Jan 02, 2016)

But even if the site was working well there woudn't be Abdominable Bride I suppose, just like there aren't any of Doctor Who specials

JordiJM (Jan 02, 2016)

They say that fixed the problems with the site, but there are a lot of shows not updated. Followmytv is not working fine.

Sheltie (Jan 02, 2016)

Where on earth is The Abominable Bride in this, why hasn't it been added yet??? So disappoint :(

ForgotMyLines (Jan 01, 2016)

Special airing now.

Wow, I was worried it was set in the past, but god this is clever writing.

TomF (Dec 30, 2015)

So where's the Abominable Bride on here..?

neniya13 (Oct 07, 2015)

The Sherlock Special: New Trailer -

Foaman (Dec 09, 2014)

@kenneththepage I'm not that big on Sherlock Holmes as well, I haven't even seen the Sherlock Holmes movies by RDJ yet, I usually prefer the mainstream detective shows..

The deduction skills of this version of Sherlock are just too absurd for my taste, it's pretty much science fiction if not fantasy .. I understand this is a fictional character but come on, if you are setting this character in a real world then at least some real world common sense should apply to it ..

No amount of knowledge in the world could make a human being find out every little detail about your life by looking at you for a mere second, I know Sherlock as a character is supposed to be a very special and intelligent detective but this version of him is just too far fetched .. I hate any kind of media that tries to take the viewers for granted and make them look like idiots, it seems millions of people do enjoy that but I personally don't ..

This is why I love Elementary, beside the elaborate stories, writing and acting, Sherlock there isn't an alien with super powers, he has faults, he doesn't deduct things out of his ass, his deductions actually make sense most of the time and not nearly as far fetched as the Sherlock here.. one major plus also is having Lucy Liu as Watson!! and surprisingly she fits perfectly.

I highly recommend you give elementary a go, when I 1st discovered it I watched the whole 1st season in 1 go (had too much free time) and was blown away, couldn't wait for the next season..

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  • Status On hiatus
  • Premiered Jul 25, 2010
  • Genre Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Network BBC One
  • Runtime 90 minutes
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