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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

"Pretty Little Liars" follows four estranged best friends who are reunited one year after their best friend and queen bee of the group, Alison, goes missing only to discover they are receiving messages from an anonymous "A" who knows all their secrets. The drama stars Lucy Hale ("Privileged") as Aria, Troian Bellisario ("Navy NCIS") as Spencer, Ashley Benson ("Eastwick") as Hanna and Shay Mitchell as Emily.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Jun 09, 2010


likealways (Feb 10, 2016)


mjopi (Feb 06, 2016)

Pleeeaaase update!

blondiejoz (Jan 15, 2016)

PLL's new ep already aired. Are the servers down again? I had no idea the new season started.

Janaaaa (Nov 17, 2015)

Special episode on November 24th

Davidich (Jun 01, 2015)

this is shit.

Kessie (Oct 22, 2014)

OMG! I didn't know that there is gonna be the Halloween special!

Janaaaa (Oct 14, 2014)

Not dec 15, but oct 21! Halloween speciaaaaal :)

FromAMadWorld (Apr 25, 2014)

First season was amazing, now it's so boring.

Swacy (Mar 20, 2014)

I'm still wondering who A is. Creators said we all saw A in the Pilot, so maybe I should rewatch the Pilot then.

spikaia (Jan 26, 2014)

after 3 seasons and 16 episodes, i've unfollowed this show. Guess i'll never know who the hell is A... or what he wants

pupke (Feb 23, 2013)

hahahaha:)... I mean... Off course, I know. (It means little puppy or little doll in my language)

colorblind90 (Feb 23, 2013)

@pupke your nickname means 'ass' in polish

pupke (Jan 09, 2013)

I love the references to Twin Peaks and the clothes but the music is often cheesy

babsieboy (Dec 23, 2012)

it's not boring bitch

Beu (Dec 18, 2012)

It's so boring.

AnneSophie (Oct 25, 2012)

Why does it take so long till the next episode?

Strikje (Aug 19, 2012)

Liked the ending of Season 2, still wondering who else is on team A.

Nami (Jul 24, 2012)

Got God damn boring..

ladydaydreamy (May 14, 2012)

I'm willing for the next season to start ;)

Ninakat (Mar 21, 2012)

Allison is a twin, the friend Allison from the liars died and her evil twin is plotting a scheme with some guys who got hurt by the other Allison. This is my theory...

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  • Status Returning series
  • Premiered Jun 08, 2010
  • Genre Drama, Family, Mystery, Thriller, Soap
  • Country United States
  • Network ABC Family
  • Runtime 60 minutes
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