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Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto Season 1

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Galactic Pretty Boy
awaiting 10 votes
1x01 Galactic Pretty Boy aired Oct 03, 2010

A boy named Takuto Tsunashi, swam from the mainland to a small island to make a difference in his life. After making ... read more

The Challenge of the Holy Order of Glittering Stars
awaiting 10 votes
1x02 The Challenge of the Holy Order of Glittering Stars aired Oct 10, 2010

The leaders of the many factions among Kiraboshi decide that whoever defeats Takuto will become the order's main comm... read more

Adult Bank
awaiting 10 votes
1x03 Adult Bank aired Oct 17, 2010

Takuto is short on cash and is invited by his classmate Kanako to perform some cleaning job at her own luxury cruise ... read more

Wako's Singing Voice
awaiting 10 votes
1x04 Wako's Singing Voice aired Oct 24, 2010

While wandering alone through the city, Wako meets Takuto and the two spend some time talking about her past and her ... read more

The Meaning of Mandrake
awaiting 10 votes
1x05 The Meaning of Mandrake aired Oct 31, 2010

Professor Green, the school's nurse and leader of Kiraboshi's science division is determined to infatuate all guys of... read more

Pillar of the King
awaiting 10 votes
1x06 Pillar of the King aired Nov 07, 2010

It's Sugata's birthday today, however he hates this very day. Wako explains to Takuto why and tells him that Sugata a... read more

The Faraway World
awaiting 10 votes
1x07 The Faraway World aired Nov 14, 2010

Sugata remains unconscious much to Wako and Takuto's grief and the same glittering star member who attacked them in t... read more

Always Like a Shooting Star
awaiting 10 votes
1x08 Always Like a Shooting Star aired Nov 21, 2010

Despite being happy that Sugata regained conscience, Takuto is angry at him for not accepting Wako's present. Just wh... read more

Mizuno's First Love
awaiting 10 votes
1x09 Mizuno's First Love aired Nov 28, 2010

Head takes a license from his position as leader of glittering star's "Vanishing Age" squad and leaves another member... read more

And Marino's First Love
awaiting 10 votes
1x10 And Marino's First Love aired Dec 05, 2010

Takuto and his classmates play a baseball game against Mizuno and Marino's class. During the match, Marino's growing ... read more

Personal Uses of Cybodies
awaiting 10 votes
1x11 Personal Uses of Cybodies aired Dec 12, 2010

Determined to bring revenge upon Kanako by taking over the glittering star's leadership, her assistant Simone devises... read more

A Kiss Through the Glass
awaiting 10 votes
1x12 A Kiss Through the Glass aired Dec 19, 2010

Kanako is determined to become leader of the glittering star by defeating Tauburn in combat, but before challenging T... read more

The Red Sword in Love
awaiting 10 votes
1x13 The Red Sword in Love aired Dec 26, 2010

In order to confront Takuto once more and regain her position as a Star Driver, Benio volunteers herself to be a test... read more

Ayingott`s Eyes
awaiting 10 votes
1x14 Ayingott`s Eyes aired Jan 09, 2011

Having sucessfully managed to reactivate a broken Cybody, the Glittering Star uses the same process to repair Mantico... read more

Maidens of the Seal
awaiting 10 votes
1x15 Maidens of the Seal aired Jan 16, 2011

Mizuno and Marino's estranged mother returns and a desperate Mizuno tries to leave the island to avoid her, but her m... read more

Takuto's Mark
awaiting 10 votes
1x16 Takuto's Mark aired Jan 23, 2011

Having captured Mizuno, the Glittering Star manages to break her seal and reach the Third Phase. While Mizuno manages... read more

Banishing Age
awaiting 10 votes
1x17 Banishing Age aired Jan 30, 2011

Having assembled all remaining able pilots under his leadership, Head takes over Glittering Star and prepares for the... read more

Keito`s Morning and Night
awaiting 10 votes
1x18 Keito`s Morning and Night aired Feb 06, 2011

Takuto's room is destroyed by fireworks and Sugata offers a room at his mansion for him to stay. To make ends meet, T... read more

The Trio`s Sunday
awaiting 10 votes
1x19 The Trio`s Sunday aired Feb 13, 2011

Sugata and Takuto hang out with Wako to celebrate her birthday, but their cheerful day is disturbed by Kou Atari, ano... read more

The Rainbow Painted That Day
awaiting 10 votes
1x20 The Rainbow Painted That Day aired Feb 20, 2011

Ryousuke Katashiro, Head's second in command, reminisces about his past with his former fiancee Sora and Head. Meanwh... read more

The Age for Libido
awaiting 10 votes
1x21 The Age for Libido aired Feb 27, 2011

After Kou was defeated by Takuto once again, Madoka volunteers herself to an experiment to further increase her cybod... read more

Eve of Legend
awaiting 10 votes
1x22 Eve of Legend aired Mar 06, 2011

The time has come for the drama club's play and Takuto's first performance. Along the spectators is Hana, an old frie... read more

awaiting 10 votes
1x23 Emperor aired Mar 20, 2011

The Vanishing Age squad is more determined than ever to break the seals and Takuto is forced to face three of their m... read more

The Eastern Maiden
awaiting 10 votes
1x24 The Eastern Maiden aired Mar 27, 2011

The members of Glittering Star prepare themselves for the destruction of the remaining seals. After being pulled into... read more

Our Apprivoise
awaiting 10 votes
1x25 Our Apprivoise aired Apr 03, 2011

Reiji shows his true colors and uses the powers of his cybody to hijack Samekh and restore all cybodies Takuto defeat... read more


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