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House Season 1

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62 votes
1x01 Pilot aired Nov 17, 2004

Rebecca Adler (Robin Tunney), a 29-year old kindergarten teacher, becomes dysphasic and collapses in her classroom. D... read more

50 votes
1x02 Paternity aired Nov 24, 2004

A 16-year-old high school student, Dan (Scott Mechlowicz), starts suffering night terrors and frequent hallucinations... read more

Occam's Razor
49 votes
1x03 Occam's Razor aired Dec 01, 2004

A college student named Brandon (Kevin Zegers) collapses after having sex with his fiancée. His symptoms seem too num... read more

49 votes
1x04 Maternity aired Dec 08, 2004

After overhearing a conversation about a sick baby, House investigates the maternity ward and predicts an epidemic. A... read more

Damned If You Do
48 votes
1x05 Damned If You Do aired Dec 15, 2004

Sister Augustine (Elizabeth Mitchell), a nun, arrives at the hospital with her hands covered in rash, but House quick... read more

The Socratic Method
48 votes
1x06 The Socratic Method aired Dec 22, 2004

A mother, Lucille Palmeiro, collapses after a blood clot travels from her leg to her heart. After arriving in the hos... read more

45 votes
1x07 Fidelity aired Dec 29, 2004

Two men are out jogging – one of them (guest star Dominic Purcell) returns home to his bedridden wife, who lashes out... read more

41 votes
1x08 Poison aired Jan 26, 2005

House and his team investigate the mysterious poisoning of high-school student Matt Davis (guest star John Patrick Am... read more

44 votes
1x09 DNR aired Feb 02, 2005

A legendary jazz musician named John Henry Giles (Harry J. Lennix) collapses during a recording session. House and hi... read more

41 votes
1x10 Histories aired Feb 09, 2005

Dr. Foreman believes an uncooperative homeless woman is faking seizures to get a meal ticket at the hospital. But her... read more

40 votes
1x11 Detox aired Feb 16, 2005

While trying to figure out why a young patient will not stop bleeding after a car wreck, House accepts Cuddy's challe... read more

Sports Medicine
36 votes
1x12 Sports Medicine aired Feb 23, 2005

A severely broken arm reveals a bizarre case of bone loss and ends the comeback plans of major league pitcher Hank Wi... read more

38 votes
1x13 Cursed aired Mar 02, 2005

After consulting a Ouija board, a young boy believes he is going to die, and is sent to Princeton-Plainsboro after su... read more

35 votes
1x14 Control aired Mar 16, 2005

Billionaire entrepreneur Edward Vogler donates $100 million to Princeton-Plainsboro, officially becoming the new Chai... read more

Mob Rules
37 votes
1x15 Mob Rules aired Mar 23, 2005

House is placed under a court order to determine what is ailing a mobster due for federal testimony and the Witness P... read more

37 votes
1x16 Heavy aired Mar 30, 2005

House and his team investigate an overweight ten-year-old girl who has a heart attack. Adding to his stress, Vogler d... read more

Role Model
39 votes
1x17 Role Model aired Apr 13, 2005

A popular U.S. senator and presidential candidate succumbs to illness at a fundraiser and Vogler assigns House to his... read more

Babies & Bathwater
38 votes
1x18 Babies & Bathwater aired Apr 20, 2005

A pregnant woman arrives at the hospital with brain and kidney problems and House must contend with her condition and... read more

37 votes
1x19 Kids aired May 04, 2005

House fights off a meningitis outbreak and Cuddy gives his team an hour to produce results after he singles out a you... read more

Love Hurts
39 votes
1x20 Love Hurts aired May 11, 2005

The teaching hospital buzzes with rumors of House's upcoming date with Cameron. After House is harsh to an awaiting c... read more

Three Stories
48 votes
1x21 Three Stories aired May 18, 2005

House receives a visit from an ex-girlfriend, Stacy Warner, who seeks his help for her husband, Mark. In the meantime... read more

38 votes
1x22 Honeymoon aired May 25, 2005

House diagnoses Mark, Stacy Warner's husband. Although the tests do not indicate a condition and Mark claims to be fi... read more


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