Keeps track of your current tv shows. Discover new tv shows, discuss and share them with your friends.

About! is the brainchild of Jasper Smet and Sarah Henkens. Having years of experience developing web applications built on the CakePHP framework, they decided to put their hands together to create a social network for series lovers. makes it easy to follow, discuss and rate your favorite tv shows.

Like chocolate, fries, beer, and waffles, is a Belgian product.

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The team


Contact Sarah via email or twitter.

Sarah Henkens - Lemon

CakePHP developer with a big love for databases, responsible for the core. Loves traveling and sunshine, currently living in sunny California.


Contact Jasper via email or twitter.

Jasper Smet - josbeir

Front-end developer loving Mootools and CakePHP. Responsible for the UI and server. Goes in discussion about everything, but that's probably a good thing.


Contact Kenny via email or twitter.

Kenny Leys - SilentAlarm's own digital hustler. Loves (digital) marketing and social media, hates to wait. Addicted to Basment, Pink Floyd and Brand New. Plays field hockey but forgets to score.