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Breaking Bad - 4x03 Open House

Open House

Events spiral out of control at Jesse’s place. Skyler reluctantly asks for Saul’s help. Marie returns to an old pastime and a friend asks Hank for help.


makthemak (Jul 27, 2016)

skyler is so badass, i love it

saltzman (May 13, 2014)

This show's amazing, but some episodes are really slow. I know they're building up for something big, but still...

Decor (Oct 16, 2013)

@IllumSphere So true!

IllumSphere (Aug 12, 2013)

That go-kart scene was one of the best scenes i've ever seen on television. _O_

Muscleduck (Aug 04, 2012)

I'm really starting to feel bad for Jesse. This show has some stellar storytelling indeed.

ColeFrost (Aug 04, 2011)

No show has ever had only exciting episodes. This was a build-up episode to allow for more impact from the exciting episodes down the line. People always complain anytime a show tries to do character or story building, but that is how good shows keep themselves up at that level. This episode fits the show very well.

oranges (Aug 03, 2011)

@Fish @kakature
Every episode so far has been amazing- but I wouldn't call the 2nd or 3rd 'exciting'.

I'm not even saying the show necessarily needs it but (boy is it enjoyable and) it's definitely different. Even 3 episodes in. It's markedly less tension than any previous season of Breaking Bad.

This review nails my thoughts.

Fish (Aug 03, 2011)

oh come on, this season is brilliant so far!

About the money: it wasn't about if they could afford the champagne, but if it could be traced back to Walter. They're supposed to have no money at all (but they have, obviously)

kakature (Aug 03, 2011)

They put all their money in medical bills so they're broke.

I disagree btw. Thought the first two episodes were incredible. This one was a wee bit slower but still great.

By the way: 7 episodes? Where did you read that?

oranges (Aug 03, 2011)

@jeffreyv I don't disagree with you. But I think we'll get our fill of thrilling moments next episode.

In this ep I particularly liked all the Jesse scenes. How he came home to chaos and he seemed sort of content for a while in his manufactured ghetto - In quiet suburbia.

@Retriev3r Excellent question regarding the money.

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