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South Park - 15x09 The Last of the Meheecans

The Last of the Meheecans

What begins as an innocent game between the boys turns serious when Cartman joins the U.S. Border Patrol. Not surprisingly, Cartman turns out to be really good at stopping Mexicans.

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Bonermaster (Nov 07, 2011)

decent episode

starspike (Oct 18, 2011)

Awesome episode!!!!

gieltjegitaar (Oct 13, 2011)

The SHOW SPOILER was great ^^

HansPB (Oct 06, 2011)

Well.. this (edit: Ass Burgers) was even weirder than the last episode. But it made sense somewhat. Now shall I keep watching this show or should I just no longer give a fuck like Matt and Trey told me to? :p

Neyensb (Oct 06, 2011)

hahahha :D good start

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  • Aired Oct 13, 2011
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