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Breaking Bad - 4x06 Cornered


Skyler makes an unsettling discovery; Walter Jr. pushes his dad into a questionable purchase; Jesse offers Mike some help.


dreamtolove (Aug 15, 2014)

@witzelsucht LITERALLY.

davidbot (Sep 21, 2013)

@cuecadelacut I think she was picking about which state she wanted to flee to.

cuecadelacut (May 17, 2013)

someone can explain me what does it mean the scene about skyler and the toss up?

witzelsucht (Dec 20, 2012)

"It's all about ME."
- Walter White in every episode now

Retriev3r (Aug 24, 2011)

@oranges I have no idea what will happend either, but I like to think about it and then see if I was right :)
Here is the promo for 4x07:
Jesse killing again?

Inside Breaking Bad 406: Cornered

oranges (Aug 24, 2011)

@Retriev3r I have no idea what will actually happen, but what you propose would be pretty awesome. I already forgot about Hank finding the wrapper. It obviously has to go somewhere. Should be interesting.

Also, I got a chuckle when I read 'crystal' :) I don't know why, but thanks.

Retriev3r (Aug 23, 2011)

I think this episode was pretty cool (better then 403 & 404).
Here is my point of view: At the end of 4x05 Hank said "Since when do vegan eat fried chicken" and looked at the Pollos wrap. In this episode the Pollos truck was hijacked and left with 3 dead people. Probably in the next episode the DEA will find the truck with the crystal. So... the DEA & other drug cartels are closing up on Gus, Hank is closing up on Walt and Skyler wants to leave Walt. My guess is if the DEA is not taking Gus down, the other drug cartel will and kidnap Walt and Jesse to another state, Hank finally knows and Skyler is taking refuge in new mexico with the kids. Or what do you think?

linker (Aug 23, 2011)

Quite a decent episode, doesn't really match most of the earlier episode but still a good watch.

furbul (Aug 22, 2011)

Weakest episode so far with few lame moments, but still good.

jeffreyv (Aug 22, 2011)

Skyler is making sense for a change, who saw that coming :D

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