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Captain Planet and the Planeteers - 1x01 A Hero for Earth

In this first exciting episode, the nasty Hoggish Greedly and his sidekick, Rigger, use a devastating land-blaster oil rig to tap into an oil fieid under the sea bed. The distruption is enough to awaken Gaia, earth's spirit, from her long slumber. She soon learns to her horror that Greedly's merciless deeds are not uncommon in the world today, Earth is suffering terribly from all kinds of environmental damage every day. Refusing to sit back and do nothing again, Gaia calls forth five special young people from all five corners of the globe, and provides each of them with rings that control the four elments of the earth, plus the hearts of it's inhabitants. Kwame-From Africa, controls the power of Earth Wheeler-From North America, controls the power of Fire Linka-From Russia, controls the power of wind Gi-From Asia, controls the power of Water Mat-Ti-From South America, controls the power of Heart After a quick introduction to Gaia, their powers, and each other, the Planeteers race to stop Greedly's land blaster from doing further harm to the ocean, and to the wild life on shore. But the battle is not easy, and soon the planeteers find the situation is too much for them to handle alone, then Gaia instructs them to combine their powers as one. They do so, and earth's greatest champion is born..CAPTAIN PLANET! Planet immediately puts an end to Greedly's oil harvesting, but the villain and Rigger escapes to fight another day, Captain Planet tells the Planeteers that he will always be there should they need him. THE POWER IS YOURS!


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  • Aired Sep 15, 1990
  • Episode 1x01
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