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Dexter - 6x07 Nebraska


Dexter finds himself teamed up with a fellow Dark Passenger when he takes a road trip to Nebraska to tie up some loose ends from the past; Debra deals with the complications of her promotion as she leads the Doomsday investigation.


pfr77 (Oct 16, 2017)

fucking yikes

kakature (Nov 23, 2011)

Hahaha wtf was this shit :')


Really disliked this. Never seen a bigger filler episode than this one. Why did they have to drag a storyline from season 4 back in the mix?

Emmer (Nov 16, 2011)

I liked this episode. Finally an episode that changed thinges around a bit.

Retriev3r (Nov 16, 2011)

Finally an (S6) episode that was something!
First I thought this thing with his brother is gonna be stupid, but it's actually quite good. And I have to agree with him when he said to Dexter "Look at your life... you've been domesticated"

Jonah did an amazing job, that scene between Jo & Deb was great, the motel thing was alright, anything else - mehh. *IMO*

What does the one Doomsday Killer say to the other?
"I'll talk to God - he'll set you free" - bla bla bla, that was such a bull****.

furbul (Nov 15, 2011)

Yeah, it could've been a nice storyline till the end of season. Now it's just filler.
On the other hand, Brian was a little annoying. No wonder that Dexter killed him.. second time :)

gieltjegitaar (Nov 15, 2011)

They should've spread this side story across several episodes or used it in a previous season that actually starred his brother. There it would've been more insteresting and relevant to the main story arch. Now it's just ridiculous.

savar (Nov 14, 2011)

why do I get the feeling this episode was without any idea and just to fill up the space? I did not ever think this could happen in this show...

Lange (Nov 14, 2011)

@quartoxuma Liked that also, sad to see Harry is back at the end of the episode so it will probally the last we will see of Evil Dexter :(

quartoxuma (Nov 14, 2011)

Dexter fucking a girl ramdomly to get a freaking gun? Killing a guy and feeling good about it?

Excuse my language, but this is character development...
I am excited about the way this is going.

warna (Nov 14, 2011)

Awful for me, filler episode.

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