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Misfits - 3x01 Episode One

Episode One

Rudy starts his community service and finds out about the dangers of having a superpower. As he finds it hard to keep his ability a secret, the community centre's regualrs try out their recently acquired skills following the deal with Seth. They have no clue though that they will soon be forced to deal with a threat unlike anything they have encountered in the past.


hot4mix (May 01, 2016)

@kakature yes please, can i have some of that :D

WGenee (Feb 21, 2015)

Nathan :'(

joseym (Nov 02, 2012)

Getting scared the stars are drifting away. Still, rudy's character is pretty great.

kakature (Nov 12, 2011)

"I'm just wiping shit of me cock!"



Fuck me.

HisDudeness (Nov 02, 2011)

Episode was okay, but I really missed Nathan :(

ICanAlmostSurf (Nov 02, 2011)

WTF, nathan is gone for good :S

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