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Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle - 1x01 The Contract Hidden in the Maze

The Contract Hidden in the Maze

Kaito Daimon, an average high schooler is a genius at solving puzzles. Apparently, Kaito went to did a table Puzzle route in his school for some "tests" which was referred on his Device. Soon later, he went to look for the Puzzle Club President to inquire about this puzzle which Kaito found suspicious. While solving puzzles (On the device) given by this unknown person named "Minotaur", he completed all his puzzles, and suddenly, a invitation was sent to Kaito from the device, asking him to challenge the 'Sage Puzzle' in the ruins earlier in the episode scene, and to fulfill Orpheus's Contract, however if he failed to solve this puzzle, he will die. As he entered the route to the ruins together with Nonoha, Minotaur said he will be the one who will be watching him do this puzzle, and that the Sage's puzzle is a barrier with treasure sealed, to which Kaito quickly rejected accepting this gift. The first trial he had to do was solve a Sliding puzzle which was quickly solved by Kaito. The second trial was a start point - to end puzzle, this puzzle which Kaito had been bothered about. Kaito had decided to go to a specific deadend which confused Nonoha, she then decided to run while touching the walls to get them out, however, she encountered a trap which nearly got her done for. Kaito and Nonoha arrived at their destination (the dead-end), and Nonoha realised that there's a different between the pillar alignment compared to the rest she had seen. Kaito notices something that is not right, and got reminded of the puzzle he did in the first trial and asked Nonoha if she had seen a pillar with an axe logo. The pillar was found in front of them, and Kaito pulled down the pillar. A wall broke through and they managed to get to the exit. This is where the prize was kept, Minotaur asked Kaito to go alone, and he saw a Mandala. He touched the picture, and suddenly a golden chain chained his arm. Minotaur then told Kaito to use this golden ring to push his powers to the max his brain can handle. Slowly, water started to flow, hitting the supporting pillars of the ruins, Minotaur said that Kaito is to choose one of the three ropes in order to escape. Nonoha screamed with fear and suddenly, Kaito looked up in a state of shock, and his eyes changed to crimson red. He then solved the Sage's Puzzle.


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  • Aired Oct 02, 2011
  • Episode 1x01
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