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Modern Family - 3x07 Treehouse


Claire loves Halloween and is gearing up to spookify the Dunphy house for the trick or treaters. She gives each family member a role to play, but none of it goes quite right; Cameron can't shake a traumatic childhood experience and hates the holiday, Mitchell has had a terrible day at work, and Gloria is acting weird after Jay and Manny teased her about her accent.


saltzman (Jan 17, 2014)

"You're the whole package. I just prefer somebody who has one" HAHAHAHAHA CAMERON IS THE BEST!

jmef (Aug 16, 2012)

Me ha caido simpático el vecino negro que ha salido al final del episodio. Tendría que salir más en los siguientes episodios en plan amigo de Phil. Podrían tener tramas interesantes.

Temmie (Jul 31, 2012)

After seeing how much Jay's friend, Shorty, and his wife do together, Gloria yearns for Jay to take her salsa dancing. Meanwhile, Cameron takes a bet to pick up a woman in a bar a bit too far. Elsewhere, Phil meets a new friend, while building a treehouse for Luke.

TomF (May 24, 2012)

Wrong description!

Neyensb (Nov 04, 2011)

Omg watch that last part 5times xD

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  • Aired Nov 03, 2011
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