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Terra Nova - 1x13 Resistance (2)

Resistance (2)

With Terra Nova under siege, Jim plans with Taylor to take back Terra Nova from Lucas and Mira. However, in doing do, they are forced with a hard decision that results in losing one of their own. With the portal open to both 2149 and the time where they are now, Taylor is faced with the ultimate decision that could change the way they are going to live.


Kessie (Apr 19, 2012)

Can't wait for next season :D

Flipside (Jan 27, 2012)

looking forward to next season

ravenger (Jan 25, 2012)

It actually got rolling, how nice :)Better late then never I guess. No brilliance yet, but at least it's surpassed poor.

colorblind90 (Jan 12, 2012)

How did they put the dinosaur in the container?! Didn't they hear it from the outside? Pshhtt... besides that, pretty good ep :) I think I'm gonna stick with the series for the next season.

Loccufier (Dec 20, 2011)

Well, you have to look beyond the cheesyness and predictability (although I didn't expect SHOW SPOILER ).
I actually liked the actual 'cliffhanger'/introduction to new storyline, SHOW SPOILER . I mis Stargate...

guiloko (Dec 20, 2011)

@iifa No, it wasn't

iifa (Dec 20, 2011)

That was so bad .....

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  • Aired Dec 20, 2011
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